If you’re looking for the next hot Instagram girl to add to your growing list of people you’re following, look no further than Raine Michaels. The 18-year-old beauty isn’t just sexy, but she’s also got a very famous dad — rock legend Brett Michaels — making her one of those girls who just seems to have it all.

The birth child of both Brett Michaels and actress Kristi Gibson, Raine Michaels was chosen to do her little turn on the catwalk at SI Swimsuit’s Paraiso runway, where she was selected over 25,000 women. Talk about the accomplishment, right? She clearly thought so, as she shared some pics to her hot Instagram account and showed how grateful she was, per Maxim.

“One of my ultimate dreams/goals came true last night..I walked for the @si_swimsuit fashion show… coming into this I was so nervous and coming out of it I’m more confident than ever thanks to the entire team.”

After seeing some of her pictures below, none of this should be much of a surprise. In other words, yeah, Raine Michaels is a total babe!

Can’t stop smiling!!! 😁💛😁

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A post shared by Raine Michaels (@rainee_m) on

With the selection to take part in the annual festival that SI Swimsuit puts on, Raine joins the “Sweet 16” for the chance to be featured in the magazine’s annual edition. Now, we’re not a model, but that seems like it’d be the dream scenario for any up-and-comer in the industry, so here’s to Raine (hopefully) making the cut when things are announced.

Of course, Raine’s dad, Brett Michaels, made sure to congratulate her on the honor as well, posting a photo of her and captioning it like this.

“Congratulations again to my daughter @rainee_m on your journey.. Your personality & character shined through. Your drive to do this on your own shows true heart & great merit,” he wrote.

Pretty cool stuff. Plus, it’s always awesome seeing a new pretty girl to follow on Instagram.

To see even more hot Instagram things from the sensationally sexy Raine Michaels, head on over to her Instagram account and give her a follow. Trust us when we tell you that it will make your day just a little bit better.