I don’t really watch TV, but there are some TV series that I look out for. The series I’m most excited about right now is the reboot of “The Flash” with Barry Allan played by Grant Gustin. Created by the same team for “Arrow”, “The Flash” is set in the same universe. 


Barry Allan first made guest appearance on two episodes of Arrow, the ending of the second episode showing him being struck by lightning. Then The Flash had his own pilot episode aired on October 7th which fleshed out his origins properly. The reception from the appearance on “Arrow” was well received and the series so far as reached a 96% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

But enough of the technical stuff. I’ve been looking forward to the Flash for a long time – Most of my friends are fans of Arrow, and watch it religiously. I’ve never been able to get into it however, due to it’s dark and gloomy atmosphere. I’m sick of watching shows that are “Dark Knight” dark, and main characters being broody men with vengeance and distrust. Although it has it’s place, I feel that since the Nolan Batman era came, super heroes turned dark, example including Man of Steel which made the superman into another dark and brooding muscle head. Yet arrow had great production, from budget to casting to set to script. I looked forward to The Flash mostly for the lighter script but with the same high production.

And I wasn’t disappointed. The Flash delivers all the wonder and childish joy I want from a comic book super hero, with equally good casting and set production as Arrow. Barry Allen’s character is likeable and also relatable with his dorky, geeky side. He may not appear straight away as a leading male character, but that’s what I like about him. He’s likeable and has plenty of room for character development. The support team are made up of cliches that I welcome like old friends – the funny tech guy, the prim and proper girl, the wise professor.

But the story has complexity and promises a long running story line, whilst each episode so far has introduced a singular new “bad guy” meaning that no episodes are boring. I look forward to finding out what super powers will crop up next and how Barry Allen will face his foes. Already the character development between him and supporting characters have increased. At the end of each episode is a short scene revealing an ongoing, perhaps darker twist, and leaves you excited for the next easter egg ending.

The Flash has been done well. The character is true to the comic book – with identical costumes and all. The story is simple to watch but promises complexity on deeper levels as the series progress. The story is also engaging whilst the the execution fills me with the excited childish joys that made me love comic books so much in the first place. If you have not already started watching “The Flash” then I highly recommend you do now!