2015 Year of the Sheep has officially started, element: wood, colour: green. What does this mean for your love, money and health? Well probably very little, but it can be fun to play along with the 2015 Year of the Sheep predictions.


My family are very spiritual, and my mother even works part time as  fortune teller. It’s therefore very important for my family to look at the new year predictions. I personally don’t take them too seriously, but on New Years Eve, it’s fun to sit around together guessing what’s going to be in store for us!

The Chinese zodiac is a little bit more complicated than their western astrology counterparts. Rather than split people by months they are born in, you’re identified by the year, month, day and hour. Most people however simply follow the very basic animal that they were born in, without relevance to their colour or element.

You don’t have to worry about any of this though. We’ll just go over the very simple outlines of what this year has to offer. All you have to do is check which zodiac animal you are.


The following animals are very lucky this year when it comes to love

  • Tiger – If you’re a single male, you’ll have the best chance with a friend of a friend, so you should go to more social gatherings. If you’re already married, the look forward to something exciting happening this year that will be both eventful and memorable. Like sex. You might get sex this year.
  • Rabbit – Rabbits have great relationship luck this year, specifically in the months of April, July and October.
  • Horse – A good year for you in love, as long as you remember to pay good attention to your spouse occasionally. If you’re single, go out more.
  • Monkey – You’re probably the luckiest out of everyone this year, and if you somehow remain single then you’ve probably given the heavens a terrible New Years offering and you should sacrifice a lamb or something. But seriously, it’s a lucky year for you so put your shades on and Daft Punk it up.

The following animals are unlucky in love this year

  • Rat – Well technically this year is going to be a better year for you than the last year, but apparently last year was pretty terrible so don’t hold your hopes out.
  • Cow – You’ve basically got a lot of competition when it comes to love this year, and your stubbornness
  • Dragon – This year love is all about compromises, so if you’re single, you should compromise that.
  • Snake – This year is all about waiting, the winter months will be best for you, so don’t worry about shaving your legs in time for summer.
  • Sheep – Contrary to popular belief, the fact that this year belongs to the sheep, sheep people really don’t have the best luck. That’s because their guardian animal is busy looking after everyone else, which means you guys are left to fend for yourselves.
  • Chickens – Ah, poor chickens. This year, your loved ones will be sacrificing themselves for your happiness and unless you notice this and try and help them, you’ll end up losing them and die alone.
  • Dogs – Work hard and you’ll find love, but luck won’t play much part in it.
  • Pig – Although the love luck isn’t bad, the emphasis on taking things slow. If you try rushing or pushing things then you’ll end up with a very fragmented relationship.


I would like to point out to everyone though, that if you want to really know what your love luck for 2015 year of the sheep, you should go to your local Chinese Fortune teller, or call up my mum. The zodiac is much more complicated that what year you’re born in, and so if you want something more accurate and a lucky day to propose or divorce or whatever, go ask an expert.

Finally, no matter what your love luck looks like, there’s a lot of parts of love that isn’t luck. Or as my friend who is a life coach says, you make your own luck. I find that the harder you work, the more luck you seem to have. I also think it takes a lot more than a sheep to stop you finding love.

So here is wishing everyone a wonderful new year, no matter what animal you are, and may you be healthy, prosperous and have lots of sex.