Happy Chinese New Years everyone! I’m not sure if you guys know, but this year is the year of the Monkey which is one of the animals in the Chinese Zodiac. The Chinese New Year is different from the normal new year because it follows the cycles of the moon rather than cycles of the sun.

Harriet in vegas at the chinese new year decorations

There’s a lot of superstition revolving around the zodiac animals and what it means to be born in a year of a certain animal. However it’s not split only into the 12 animals. Every cycle of the zodiac also changes the element of the animal, for instance children born in this year of the monkey will have the same predictions as children born 12 years ago in the previous year of the monkey.

Honestly, the method behind it is very complicated, as there is meaning from the year your born right down to the minute and the second. It’s mostly linked to the star placement at the time that you’re born. To go into the intense level of detail would require a full time fortune teller, a rare but respected profession in Vietnam.

This year is the year of the Red Fire Monkey. It means that you can take your colour/element/zodiac animal and compare the compatibility. There’s a few good websites such as this one that helps you find out what your colour/element/zodiac is. To keep things simple though I’ll just give a brief outline for the different animals.

Zodiac Sign Rat: If you’re born in the year of the rat then you’re very lucky! Monkey and rat are very compatible, because of their elements metal and water. It’s often said that when the monkey and rat meet it’s a blessing from God. They say that there will be a change of direction in your life, such as the wind blowing on the water, the water will change directions (sort of rough translation) – Lots of luck with wisdom and wealth.

Zodiac Sign Cow: The Monkey and the Cow actually get on very well despite being opposites of each other. If you’re born in the year of the cow then the presence of the monkey means you should take more risks and challenges in your life. The monkey is great at pushing the cow to do more things, such as social activities. However there’s not much help in the realm of love, so sorry cows, you’re on your own with that one.

Zodiac Sign Tiger: The Tiger and the monkey do not get along. They often conflict with each other power-wise, and you would think a tiger could win against the monkey but the monkey is considered smarter to outwit a tiger. This means that for everyone born in the year of the tiger they should be cautious and not jump straight into fights at work or in their personal life if they can help it. Rather when faced with challenges they should try and draw as much as they can from experience and knowledge and not rely on force.

Zodiac Sign Rabbit: The Rabbit and the Monkey do not have a bad relationship. In the sense that the monkey doesn’t effect the rabbit much. They can however have a good partnership together, so this is a good sign for those who work for themselves or have their own companies. It should be a year for better development in work. There is weirdly enough amazing luck in love, so this is the year to take that plunge.

Zodiac Sign Dragon: The dragon a powerful symbol and in the Year of the Monkey it will be a good year to follow your ambitions as there will be a lot of outside support. It is also a good year for your love life and you have a lot of luck on your side. The only thing to look out for is that because it’s a year of gain for the dragon, you should watch your weight and maybe try to diet.

Zodiac Sign Snake: Year of the Monkey means lots of chances at wealth and money for those born in the year of the snake. The monkey and the snake’s elements this year combine fire and metal which often shows as a sign of smithing and therefore good fortune for money opportunities. It also warns against physical health issues that can be caused due to overwork. Whilst the year will bring a lot of opportunity be careful not to miss them as they can come across subtly (such as in love)

Zodiac Sign Horse: For those born in the year of the horse, 2016 will be a year of hard work and challenges. However if you follow through in both work and your personal life there should be good outcomes. The horse and the monkey are two generally incompatible animals and so you will have to work harder for wealth and progress. The elements are in your favour however and you stand to regain money lost.

Zodiac Sign Sheep: The sheep and the year of the monkey is interesting because whilst those born in the year sheep often have bad luck when it comes to social situations, the year of the monkey will give them a good opportunity to come into the spotlight. Despite this, the overall advice for those in year of the sheep is to stay cautious, especially with conflicts at work, as well as to look out for indigestion.

Zodiac Sign Monkey: Contrary to popular belief, being born in the Year of the Monkey is actually really bad luck when another year of the monkey rolls around. This is because each year of the monkey can be considered a different monkey, and so you who are a previous monkey are in their territory. Therefor you have bad luck with money, love and also your general health. The consensus is that you should keep a low profile and try not to agitate anything. Don’t try investing in anything new.

Zodiac Sign Rooster: Roosters are also very unlucky this year. You will have to work harder at your job and take it more seriously, as any small slips will cause you great harm. You will also feel pressured in family and love situations, and it will be hard to speak out your true feelings. Therefore the Year of the Monkey will be very stressful for roosters, but as the underdog you will gain support from unexpected places.

Zodiac Sign Dog: Dogs will have a fun year this year, with the security of stability in their workplace and social circles. Your love life will also be good, although you will have to work on more compromises. You money luck is above average, but the chances of you wining any lawsuits are low, so try to negotiate before going to court. Year of the Monkey will be a good time to try and teach those around you and share your wisdom.

Zodiac Sign Pig: The year of the Monkey will be most unpredictable for those born in the year of the pig. It can be considered an unstable era with lots of change in directions, but you should try and remain calm, like being in the eye of the storm. As long as you keep a low profile and not start any arguments your money and love luck will be ok. However if you do enter conflict, you’ll find yourself wasting more time than expected. Be careful also as this year has a higher chance of you getting diarrhea.