We all like to measure our successes in life, from work achievements to our personal goals. Relationships are no different, but how do you measure a successful relationship?

The simplest way is to see how positive your interactions are with your partner within your relationship. For a successful relationship, you obviously need to be having more positive interactions that negatives ones and studies have shown that in in stable marriages, there are at least five times more positive interactions than negative ones. So for every one negative thing that happens in your relationship, can you count at least 5 positive things?

Another way is to see how effect you and your partner are at communicating with each other. Do you understand for instance which language of love your partner speaks? Understanding the best way to communicate with your partner is key to any relationship. Being able to bring up problems and then solve them together is key to any successful relationship.

Physical intimacy and passion is another sign of a successful relationship. We may not be able to hold onto the same fire and physical passion we feel when first meeting and getting to know someone, but in a successful relationship the intimacy never disappears. Although less frequently, you should still be having sex. Other things include simply touching each other, such as holding hands and kissing. It’s good to have a physical connection to your partner as it adds another layer to your relationship.

The level of trust you and your partner have for each other is a strong indictor of how successful your relationship is, if you trust your partner completely, then it means you have a strong relationship that makes you feel safe and secure enough to be able to have that level of trust in your partner. It works vice versa. Happy couples are more trusting couples.

Your financial wellbeing plays a small but also important part in measuring. A good relationship is one where you are able to balance your finances without worry. It’s unhealthy to overspend on your relationship, as gifts shouldn’t be compensating for anything. It’s also unhealthy to ignore splurging out on outings or such on your relationship, as it could show your own disinterest.