It’s been a while since I’ve seen a celebrity name in a Sex in the News article, and I was surprised it was Gwnyeth Paltrow of all people. The Pokemon Go craze is still leading headlines, with a sex toy company now making pokemon themed dildos. 

Gwyneth Paltrow-approved sex club

Gwenyth Paltrow recently wrote about the sex club Snctm (which I guess stands for sanctum?) in her newsletter GOOP. She interviewed the owner Damon Lawner who hosts the club in Los Angeles.

The sex club is now looking to host it’s first party in New York, in time for fashi0n week, as well as expand to a private property in the Hamptons.

Damon Lawner boasts that “true A-list actors” attend these parties, where he handpicks each applicant. Women can apply for free by answering a set of questions and sending in a set of photos. Men have to come with women who have already passed, or pay for a membership which can cost up to $50,000.

In her newsletter, Gwyneth is amazed that women seem to be in charge.

“What does seem refreshing, though, is that women set the tone: Besides being dominant in numbers, they are the ones who are allowed to touch and initiate (anyone who doesn’t follow the golden rule of consensuality is banned).”

Yet when I watched the short promotion video for their club, it seemed frankly the opposite, as women lay on the ground, being used as a footstool and coffee table for a man.

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Pokemon Sex Toys

With the Pokemon Go craze still in full swing, it’s no wonder that pokemon themed sex toys are now a thing. Part of me is actually surprised it wasn’t a thing before.

Australian sex toy company has brought out 4 new toys all themed along the starter pokemon you can catch in Pokemon Go. Each are shaped differently to match their pokemon, and are named very cutely “Charmy, Bulby, Squirty and Piky”

The online store crafts all their toys around geek themed things, from a Games Of Throne sword to Dr Who’s sonic screwdriver. My personal favourite is the Sailormoon dildo which looks so well made, I could easily use it for cosplay purposes.

Unlike the Sailormoon dildo which costs $150, the pokemon sex toys are much cheaper, starting at $50. You have a choice of 3 differently shaped dildos and one small anal plug. I have a feeling that for some people, they’ll want to collect them all.

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