This week are looking at how the new age verification won’t apply to Twitter, as well as a other social media sites. With the bill recently passed, it seems there’s already great concerns, including from the MP who pushed it in the first place. Other news includes how socks could make your sex life better, as well as an update on the Von Miller sextape scandal. 

Culture Minster Matt Hancock has announced that social media platforms such as Twitter will not be required to have the new age verification restrictions as porn websites will do.

The difference according to him, is the fact porn websites provide commercial porn, and Twitter simply has an option for users to upload it. It’s unclear if this distinction will help “protect” the children from viewing inappropriate material online.

Hancock explains “what we are proposing to do is put forward this Bill to deal with the large swathe of the problem and to get this working properly and to deal with the mainstay of the problem and then see how it’s working.”

He adds “It’s not a utopia but it is a very important step.”

Former Cabinet Minister John Whittingdale warns that more children are accessing porn through social media than ever now.

“One of the main ways in which young people are now exposed to pornography is through social media such as Twitter, and I do not really see that the bill will do anything to stop that happening,”

John Whittingdale introduced the new age verification bill. He is now questioning how effective the bill will really be. For the age verification to work properly at censoring out pornography, the government would have to block major websites, such as Twitter or Reddit. This amount of censorship is considered too much. Yes by not censoring such websites, they are letting a lot of porn through their nets, making them ineffective.

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Wearing socks helps achieve orgasms

Wearing socks during sex is often considered a rookie mistake. It’s often portrayed as something young students will forget about in their passion. Wearing socks to bed can be considered as silly as wearing whitey tighties.

Yet studies have shown that wearing socks during sex can increase your chance of orgasming. The University of Groningen researched the effects of wearing socks during sex. Couples that wore socks had a 80% chance of orgasming. Couples who didn’t wear socks only had 50% chance.

The reasoning is that by keeping your feet warm, it helps the blood flow in your body. Of course blood flow is an important part of sex, with more being directed to certain parts during intercourse. Having warmer feet is also considered to make you feel more relaxed.

If you do decide to wear socks during sex, it might be a good idea to don on a new pair. Socks you have been wearing all day are more likely to have accumulated bacteria and smell bad. Obviously unsavoury odours do not help during sex.

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“I didn’t extort Von Miller” claims Elizabeth Ruiz

In an ongoing scandal which has taken twitter and Instagram by storm, Elizabeth Ruiz has come out and declared she has never tried to extort Von Miller.

The sextape she claims is meant for masturbation only. She never considered asking for money until his lawyer first contacted her with an offer.

The sextape she says was filmed at various points on both of their phones. Von Miller has since asked for a restraining order against Ruiz. There are rumours that each may sue the other for libel.

It’s uncertain at this time how the courts will favour the distribution rights of the sextape. Unlike Hulk Hogan’s sextape scandal earlier, Von Miller did understand that he was being filmed. If the tape were to be released, it would be against Von Miller’s consent.

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