Paola Saulino is on her “Pompa Tour” fulfilling her promise to give blowjobs to every who voted NO on the Italian Referendum. She has lowered her goal to only 1 million men, after jaw ache has made her original goal of 19 million unfeasible. 

On December 4th 2016, Italians voted on a referendum about the constitution.  Paola Saulino, an Italian Actress, was at the forefront of the “No” team, promising to give oral sex to everyone who voted no. The No Team won by a landslide with 59.11% of the votes going against the referendum. Paola Saulino is now fulfilling her promise with her “Pompa Tour” of Italy.

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RAGAZZACCI amorini , essendo stata super busy because of my #pompatour mi sono persa qualche passaggio che bisogna recuperare . Come per esempio i 7 babà di sabato sera ! Con il perizoma #azzurro #napoli faccio una linguaccia apotropaica per omaggiare il temporaneo secondo posto in classifica! Attendiamo lo scontro tra Roma (grande squadra grande avversaria degna delle più alte posizioni in classifica) e la Fiorentina ! Io invito il mio Napoli a non mollare e auguro ai talenti della mia squadra il meglio perché hanno cuore , piedi , testa e disciplina! Complimenti ragazzi me stat facenn arrecreà ! Quindi grazie al capitano indiscusso #hamsik per la fedeltà alla maglia , per tutti (tanti) goals fatti con noi e per l'ultima tripletta , grazie a #mertens che a parte la tripletta di sabato, ci sta regalando tante emozioni , e grazie a te #insigne "curt e mal ncavat" (it means piccolo e furbo nel corpo e nella mente) continua così ! E dimostriamo che i napoletani sono sportivi per favore, dimostriamo che crediamo che il talento nel calcio e nella vita faccia la differenza, e che sosteniamo il principio di "vinca il migliore" perché QUESTA è la mentalità dei vincenti !!!! Per il resto ci vuole pure un po' di #culo , e se posso, quello , ve lo do molto volentieri! #ass #love #sscnapoli ?#forzanapolisempre #goodmorning #gopaolinago

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Piccolo languore prima di dormire #Night #goodnight #banana #like4like #followme #nice #cute #love #eat #girl #hungry #hashtag

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The Pompa Tour

It seems that after only 400 blowjobs, jaw ache has gotten in the way of her tour. Finding it much harder and more stressful that originally plannedPaola Saulino has consequently had to revise her number target.

The original goal of 19 million blowjobs has now been revised to only 1 million which still seems like a very high target. Furthermore revised plans show that she will be taking breaks in between her tour because it’s much more tiring than she originally anticipated.


Critics of the Pompa Tour

Critics have attacked the actress, claiming that it’s nothing more than a publicity stunt. All the men who participate in her tour have to sign a non-disclosure agreement before meeting her, therefore throwing a lot of speculation on whether or not she’s actually performing oral sex.

Another fact raised is that her campaign isn’t very original. Many pornstars have previously offered followers or famous people blowjobs on various conditions. For example Bobbi Eden promised to give all her twitter followers oral sex if the Netherlands football team won the 2010 WorldCup.

More recently Madonna pledged to give oral to those who backed Hillary Clinton, and Mia Khalifa’s counter offer to give Donald Trump’s supporters oral sex if he won. Mia Khalifa has yet to leave comments on her offer since Trump’s win. 

Paola Saulino has since offered to give oral sex to every member of the Napoli team if they win the Champions League.

Fuck ! #fucked #fuckyou #myway #girl #me #followme #hashtag #power #boobs #hair #blonde #eyes #lips

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Despite the backlash Paola Saulino has responded to critics boldly. She posted an Instagram photo proclaiming “it takes balls”. Many find her actions courageous and motivating. She herself has agreed that her campaign helped the No Team win the Italian referendum.

The actress also faces a lot of accusations of being more of a porn actress than a mainstream actress. Paola Saulino resides in LA. As an actress she has two productions and a rumoured third production in her filmography. All of these films are credited in 2017.

In an interview with MXCV she has explained “I needed to protect myself in this moment. I feel kind of [like an] artist, I want to use my body, or my sexuality but I am not sure that I want to be a kind of porno actress.”