This week sees a huge leap forward for sex education as the English government has ruled sex education now compulsory in England. In other news, Irish women shows us that watching porn is a positive, and Mass Effect’s new game has been given a full nudity rating.

Sex education is taught in most schools, however it’s never been compulsory. This means that some schools could chose not to teach it. It also means that there was no set curriculum on what should be taught, giving some schools the chance to push an “abstinence only” narrative.

A new ruling makes sex education now compulsory in the UK. Students from the age of 4 will be taught subjects on sex and relationships. Parents still have the option to opt their children out of the classes however.

The emphasis is on teaching age appropriate topics, and introducing sex positivity and sex safety throughout the school system. Topics taught will also be modernised, looking at how to tackle pornography, sexting and online bullying.

Many groups are objecting the new ruling though. Some people believe sex education should be left to parents to teach and not the state.

“This proposal is sending a huge message to parents that they are unfit to teach their own children about sex.” argues Antonia Tully from the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children.

School leaders however welcome the move. Many believe it’s overdue and that young people need to be prepared for modern life.

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Irish Women watch porn and that’s ok!

Ireland is known as a very prudent country. It comes as a surprise therefore when studies have shown that a large number of Irish women watch online pornography. When asked however, Irish women have come out and defended the act.

Pornhub ranks as the 3rd most popular website in Ireland. Irish women account for 26% of the traffic to Pornhub. Many women are very open about their porn watching.

“I started watching it when I was at college with a boyfriend who was into it. Now I watch it myself. Some of it is terrible, some of it is funny, but if men watch it, why shouldn’t women watch it? I’m single. I don’t want to sleep around and – I mean, come on – everyone does it. Everyone I know, anyway.” Explains 25-year-old Caoimhe.

But watching porn is still considered a grey topic. Many people believe it to be shameful and morally wrong. Others believe that it objectifies and humiliates women.

“I try to make sure that, well, ‘no women have been harmed in the making of this movie’, even if that sounds trite. I know my mother would probably disown me, though, even though I’m nearly 40 now.” Niamh, 38, confesses.

Roe McDermott an ex columnist for the Dublin Inquirer explains that women watching porn is offending traditional gender roles. This is why some people still find it offensive, or hard to discuss openly.

But the topic should be discussed, because watching porn, whether male or female, is ok. It shouldn’t be considered shameful. The only way to make sure people are being safe online is to have an open environment where people are comfortable with asking intimate questions.

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Mass Effect gets a full nudity rating

The massively popular video game franchise “Mass Effect” has been given a full nudity rating on their up-coming title Mass Effect: Andromeda. It will be released this March.

Mass Effect is known for it’s character relationships, and has had romance written into game plot previously. The new game however promises a lot more sex, even allowing players to have one-night stands.

Producer Fabrice Condominas reveals in a recent interview: “You can have sex with a lot of people.

The announcement was met with some controversy. Some fans believe it turns the game too “porno”

Most fans are excited about the reveal. Mass Effect is known for having good story lines, character developments and racy scenes.

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