Sex ed was one of those classes in middle school that everyone seemed to dread. That’s because, as a teenager, the last thing anyone wanted to hear was their teacher talk about STDs, how to wear a condom, boobs and, well, you get the idea. Sure, it was important, but, damn, was it uncomfortable.

While the entire thought of sex ed was cringe-worthy for our teenage selves, looking back on it now is pretty hilarious. In fact, the class always seemed to lead to some legendary stories and funny questions. Whether heard firsthand or passed down through the years, sex ed was the epitome of teenage awkwardness.

For example, we remember a kid who once asked if it was normal to have sex with the slit between two cushions on his parents couch. Remember, this was from a 13-year-old, so, at that time, we just thought it was normal to do something like that. Looking back now, though, good lord, what in the hell was that kid thinking?

With that small memory from our own sex ed experience to others, we checked out Reddit to find the funniest questions ever heard in a sex ed class, so we hope you enjoy these.

  • “‘If there’s no bone in a boner cause it’s filled with blood does that mean it’s called a blooder.’ 8th grade, man.”


  • “When there was a diagram of male genitalia handed around, one of the girls in my class asked ‘why do they look so different on an octopus?’ Turned out she had the words ‘tentacle’ and ‘testicle’ very, very confused.”


  • Why does the left nut hurt more than the right nut?” “See your doctor.”


  • Some girl in my class asked the following: ‘Does semen make your teeth white?’ Then followed by, ‘Can you use a ziplock bag as a condom if you don’t have any other options available?'”


  • “If it’s not safe to use two condoms, is it safe to use three condoms?”


  • “‘Does anus happen to everyone?’ He meant acne.”


  • “In the late 90’s, ‘Is there a reason that the uterus and ovaries are arranged like a Nintendo64 controller.’ I died.”


  • “A girl in my class asked if the balls go in too. Still one of the only things that I remember from those classes.”


  • “One kid couldn’t wrap his head around the idea of semen and urine both coming out of the male urethra. He went on a pretty lengthy rant about it, ‘What if you have to pee during sex but you can’t stop in time and you pee in the girl? Does it feel different for the girl? Is she going to know if you pee inside her? Is it mixed with the semen?'”


  • “If you cut your penis off, will it grow back?”


  • “Is it necessary to shampoo your pubes?”


  • “Somebody once asked, ‘If two guys was doing one girl, one in the butt, one in the vagina, will they feel eachother?'”


  • “‘What if it get stuck in there?’ In her defense, it was 5th grade.”

As we mentioned above; so incredible awkward. To see the entire thread, head on over to Reddit and get some more laughs for yourselves.