We don’t need to remind you that the cold weather is here, meaning we’re all sort of locked up in our living rooms, hibernating on the couch while we Netflix and chill till the spring comes. But, come on, that’s so boring, fellas, so it’s time to ignite a little spark in your dating life.

That’s why were giving you some winter date ideas to add to your list to survive these colder and darker days. Sure, spring and summer might be the best time to have a significant other to spend time with, but those seasons are still months away, so keep things with your girl fresh by doing some fun things that are festive this season.

What are some winter date ideas inside?

Sorry, guys, but the whole Netflix and chill ideas that you’ve tossed out to girls you’ve met on all those online dating apps aren’t the best options to score more dates or bedroom action. So, what else can you do indoors that are great winter date ideas? Easy, here are a few that you should definitely consider


Girls absolutely love a guy who can cook — and we’re not talking about tossing in a frozen pizza and doctoring it up with some fresh toppings. Put in a little effort and make this winter date idea unique, trying out an actual recipe together for the first time, or surprising your gal with something simple like brunch on a lazy weekend day.

Gym date

You and your girl a couple workout buffs? Hey, why not turn that into a little winter date idea to enjoy together? You could always go separately and run on the treadmill or get your lift on, but go ahead and switch up your routine every so often by taking a spin class together, yoga class or do laps in the indoor pool. Hey, at the very least, you’ll get to see your girl in sexy workout clothes or a bathing suit, so that’s a plus.

Movie in the theater

Sure, no one goes to the theater to watch a movie anymore, right? Wrong, because it’s still one of the most tried and true winter date ideas out there, getting you and your girl out of the house and taking in the sights and sound of the city. Just remember to put your cell on silent so not to be “that guy” who has it go off throughout the movie.

Wine tasting

Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you can’t hit up a winery somewhere and taste some of the delicious concoctions. Sure, everyone thinks beer is the way to stay warmer, but the real way to a girl’s heart is through some wine, so get yourself to a couple wineries this winter instead.

What are some winter date ideas outside?


Come on, guys, if you don’t already have skiing on your list of winter date ideas, you’re not trying hard enough — or, actually, thinking simply enough. There’s just something romantic about skiing, with the snow and the cold and the ability to see your breath bringing out the hottest moments with your girl, so take advantage of that.

Farmers market

Strolling through your local farmers market on the weekend might be better and more tolerable when it’s warmer out, but, in most cities, there are still plenty of offerings available to buy during the colder months, too. This winter date idea requires bundling up a bit, but grab some coffee or hot chocolate (and tissues for those runny noses) and walk through the market to see some local products.

Ice skating

Much like skiing, ice skating is one of those activities reserved for the winter months. Sure, there are rinks inside to go to, but, damn, if you really want to impress your girl and keep things romantic, find the nearest outdoor one and lace up the ol’ skates. There’s a lot of physical chemistry while skating around — like her holding onto your arm so not to fall — so use this as an opportunity to flirt with her.

Sightseeing around your city

Who says you can’t be a tourist in your own city? Stop wasting away indoors and watching TV from five in the afternoon to midnight and go for a walk around, taking in some of the spots around town. There’s just something romantic about being out in the cold while holding a girl’s hand, so this winter date idea will be unique and fun for both of you.

Is a weekend getaway ever a good winter date idea?

This is a great question, because getting a group together for a weekend getaway should definitely be on your list of things to do this winter. Whether that means hopping on a plane and taking a quick trip somewhere warm with friends or going to a ski lodge and spending time drinking and hitting the slopes, this is a winter date idea that can be shared among a variety of people. Make some memories together and involve as many people as you want, the winter’s actually a great time to do it — and try new things at the same time.