Online dating is an absolute crapshoot, with intentions of users varying from serious relationship hunters to casually swiping. And, because we just published a piece about some of the slang online dating terms you need to know about, we figured we’d ask you firsthand about your experiences.

That’s right, we created a poll and blasted it onto social media to engage with some of our lovely readers, wondering if you’ve ever fallen victim to online dating? Chances are high that, yep, we all have. But we wanted to dig deep, getting an idea of what girls are doing more frequently to guys.

After asking you guys about online dating and the subsequent aftermath of a match, here are some of the results we found.


As the images above show, ghosting seems to be quite popular among both men and women. Girls seems to do it a bit more often, though, with 60 percent of guys being ghosted at one point in their lives. However, girls aren’t the only culprits of the popular online dating act, with 38 percent of guys admitting to ghosting a girl, with the above images showing reasons and impact after ghosting.

Another popular online dating term we wanted to know about is microcheating. What’s considered good and bad when in a relationship? Is meeting someone for drinks bad? Or is it only bad when there are alternative motives? Here’s what our poll results said.


Is dressing up to meet a person microcheating?

  • Yes: 72%
  • Somewhat: 19%
  • Worrying: 4%
  • Serious: 2%
  • Real cheating: 3%

Is sexting with another person microcheating?

  • Yes: 4%
  • Somewhat: 7%
  • Worrying: 16%
  • Serious: 33%
  • Real cheating: 40%

Is meeting another person for drinks/dinner microcheating?

  • Yes: 48%
  • Somewhat: 19%
  • Worrying: 14%
  • Serious: 9%
  • Real cheating: 9%

Is masturbating thinking of another person microcheating?

  • Yes: 35%
  • Somewhat: 23%
  • Worrying: 22%
  • Serious: 12%
  • Real cheating: 8%

Is fantasizing about someone else during sex microcheating?

  • Yes: 27%
  • Somewhat: 22%
  • Worrying: 22%
  • Serious: 19%
  • Real cheating: 10%

But ghosting and microcheating aren’t the only online dating terms we wanted to know about you guys. Just take a look at some of the other results from our online poll below.

What’s the most brutal online dating term?

  • Ghosting: 34%
  • Catfishing: 28%
  • Breadcrumbing: 12%
  • Zombieing: 5%
  • Lovebombing: 4%
  • Benching: 3%
  • Submarining: 3%
  • Cushioning: 2%
  • Orbiting: 2%
  • Stashing: 1%

To see our full online dating survey (including questions and results), head on over to Survey Monkey, where you can learn more about some of the experiences of other guys. Plus, it probably helps to know that you’re not the only one some of these things are happening to, so don’t get down when they do.