What is it with guys and girls just incapable of communicating? Sure, there are the normal ways we’re probably all thinking — which involves over-thinking or, seemingly, never being on the same page — but, even before the challenges of dating, guys and girls struggle with the simplest things.

For example, how about signs she likes you? We know, unless a guy is blatantly slapped across the face with a compliment from a girl, chances are high that he has no idea that she’s feeling him. This needs to change!

To help you find out a few signs she likes you, we’re giving you some of the things to look for when you two are first talking. Sure, some girls are more direct in their approach, but the majority of them aren’t confident enough to be bold, blunt and so forthcoming. Since guys are supposed to be confident without coming across as too aggressive, when you see some of these signs, make your move, because she wants you to — even if you’re not aware of it.

She’s laughing at your dumb jokes

The first (and most clear) indicator that she likes you is when she’s laughing at your dumb jokes — yes, guys, you’re not as funny as you think. If all of those inside/dad jokes you have are making her giggle or smile, she’s into it, and humor is always a great way to break the ice. Plus, every girl wants a guy who can make her laugh, and that’s not just something they all say.

She’s looking you in the eyes

It’s cheesy, but the eyes truly are the key to the soul, and when she’s looking directly at yours, she’s engaged in what you have to say. It’s a weird connection, but you know the feeling when it happens and understand that it’s something different than when it happens with a coworker or someone else. Use that good energy to be confident, guys.

She’s hinting at future plans

This one might not come the first time you meet a girl, but, if you’ve gone on a few dates and aren’t sure about what she’s thinking, when she’s hinting at getting together again, that’s a good thing — assuming you’re into her and it’s what you want, too. It typically comes across as flirtatious and a little bit under the radar — like a, “oh, yeah, I love grabbing coffee” — so you’ll have to look for the subtle hints.

She’s touchy-feely with you

If you’re flirting with a girl at the bar and she’s touching your forearm or showing some other signs of physical touch, take this as a clear cut sign she likes what you’re putting out there. As a more obvious indicator, if she’s holding your hand, yeah, she’s really into you.

She asks lots of questions

If you don’t know this one by now, there might be something wrong with you. We’ve probably all been on bad dates where a girl doesn’t say a damn thing, forcing you to awkwardly ask all the questions and fill time. Well, on the contrary, one of the signs she likes you is from her engagement, and, when she’s asking questions, it means she’s trying to get to know you.

She actually remembers things you told her

Listening to someone is the greatest form of respect, so when she actually remembers that you’re going out of town to play golf this weekend with your brother, that’s never a bad thing. Likewise, when she shows interest in your hobbies, it’s another sign she likes you and isn’t just craving attention.

She gets bashful when you compliment her

Most girls aren’t as into themselves as many guys think. Sure, all those selfies on her Instagram account might make you think otherwise, but, c’mon, it’s usually a cry for attention. That’s why, when you actually compliment a girl, when she gets bashful about it, it’s one of the clearest signs she likes you. Trust us, tell a girl you’re talking to that you like her eyes or smile and see how she reacts. There’s a good chance she smiles and either looks down or gets flustered.

When she texts, she over-thinks her words

There’s no perfect text, but we all try to be as witty and engaging as possible without having a full-on conversation. And, for all you iPhone users out there, you know how those three little dots pop up at the bottom of a message feed? Well, when they show up and then disappear a few times while you and her are exchanging messages, it’s usually a sign that her mind is trying to find the perfect thing to say, balancing flirty with cute.