We all have a past, so it’s not surprising that, when it comes to talking about dating secrets with a significant other, we should all want to avoid it at all costs. Stories are one thing, but stories with too many details should be off-limits no matter how badly your significant other pokes to get them out of you.

But, are there specific sex stories or dating secrets that you’d never tell a significant other no matter how comfortable you get with him/her? Something that you and your friends who know can carry with them to the grave until the end of time? People on Reddit were asked this very question, and some of the revelations turned out to be some A+ stuff, so we figured it’d be good to share with you.

  • “I develop crushes on people I know. I’m in a 6 year relationship and absolutely love my SO, and these crushes are never serious enough that I would even consider breaking up or acting on them, but they are there. It’s almost like having a celebrity crush but on someone I see regularly. They typically last a couple months then fade.”


  • “That I used to pretend to have conversations with people on the phone. I just wanted him to think I had more friends than I really did and that I was cool… now I sound crazy.”


  • “How much I actually liked him in those 5 years before we got together and how sad it made me that I never really thought I had a chance with him.”


  • “My fiancee walked in on me once, and I was scrolling through pictures, and the one that was up when she walked in just happened to be of some chick’s back. Now she teases me saying I have a back fetish.”


  • “That all those tricks she loves in bed I learned from an ex who was a stripper.”


  • “I lost my virginity to my gf but she doesnt know, she thinks i had sex once before her. This long into the relationship i dont think i could admit I’ve been lying about it for just over 3 years.”


  • “After we first dated in high school, I had my first and only lesbian experience with the girl who would soon after become his long-term girlfriend. He and I got back together during university and it would just be too much to have to explain that I had my fingers in her vagina while her face was in mine.”


  • “I’ll never tell her that I used to fuck myself in the butt with household objects, and that I want her to fuck me with a strap on. In the butt.”


  • “That while he is the best relationship I have ever had, he is hands down the worst lover I’ve ever had, even when he wants to have sex, which isn’t often. He knows I’m unhappy, and sometimes I get angry enough to want to throw that sentence in his face: “you are the worst lover I have ever had”….but I know that he would be crushed and devastated.”

Some interesting dating secrets that people really don’t want to tell their significant others, huh? Hey, sometimes being nice and not talking to a partner about how bad they are in bed is the opposite of what a person should do to improve sexual chemistry.

While we’re all for being honest, some things really should be kept a secret — especially with a significant other who might one day turn into a life partner. You can read some of the other dating secrets and funny sex stories on the thread over on Reddit.