Sex in public is always a hell of a lot more exciting than rolling around between the sheets in a bedroom. That’s not to say “normal” sex isn’t fun, it’s just not as thrilling when it’s all a couple ever does. It’s why so many people have fantasies about getting out in screwing in places like cars, beaches and other risky spots.

Since sex in public is (or should be) on your list of things to do before you die, we’re breaking down some of the hottest spots to do it at. Of course, those hottest places come with a caveat, because no one wants to get caught while being naughty outside of a private area, so that’s a major factor in our list — now go and have some fun, gents!

Sex in a car

Arguably one of the most common places to have sex in public, couples find that cars are a good spot for the simple reason that they’re in total control of location. Whether that means a late-night stop in an empty parking lot on the way home from a dinner date, while driving down the coast on vacation together or somewhere else, sex in a car tends to be high on the list because both partners can choose the right destination without getting caught. In case you’re not sure how to do it, don’t worry because we have the ultimate guide.

Sex in a dressing room

This is a bit tricker than the aforementioned sex in a car, but, alas, it’s still possible to maneuver. The key to sex in a dressing room is to do it while on your own and not while being helped by a salesperson. Oh, and silence is one of the major keys to pulling this off, otherwise you can forget secrecy, which only increases the risk of getting busted.

Sex on a beach

When it comes to sex in public, sex on a beach might be the simplest. After all, while you and your girl are laying around on towels, just sneak off to a hidden spot and start going at it. For those who are a bit more shy and don’t want to worry about a higher probability of someone catching you, the best time for sex on a beach would be at night. It’s romantic, it’s under the moon and it’s the best way to stay warm — oh, and it’ll be memorable as hell.

Sex in strip club

There’s no sex in the champagne room — well, there isn’t supposed to be — but sex in a strip club is very possible. Whether it’s with a girl you’re dating or you’re lucky enough to flirt with one of the strippers enough to do it, it’s a definite hot spot. If your’e going to attempt it, make sure you huddle up in a private (and dark) place within the club so not to be caught. If you’re going the stripper route, well, simply pay for a lap dance and let her ride you. Of course, this all goes without saying that things are 100 percent consensual.

Sex on a plane

Everyone wants to join the mile high club at some point in their lives, so sex on a plane is a highly desired spot for sex in public. That said, it’s not the easiest to pull off, but it can certainly be done. Our advice? Taking a later flight and heading to the bathroom. Though it’s small, it’s going to be your best bet for avoiding any trouble. Outside of the bathroom, it can be pretty tricky, but we have heard stories about people who have done it on empty flights where there are full rows up for grabs. That’s really risque, though, so we’d highly suggest the restroom as your best bet.