Having a crush can be a lot of fun — as we’ve pointed out recently — but there comes time when you need to make some moves and finally reveal you’re interested and not just let things fizzle out. After all, it’s bad enough to find out a crush isn’t interested, too, but it can be worse when you don’t do anything about it at all and end up regretting that decision.

There’s no perfect way to necessarily tell your crush that you’re into them, but there are some creative ways that you can give them hints and hope that they take notice. Of course, these can be tricky, because you want to make sure you don’t come on too strong, but, like anything, it’s all about being confident in yourself and going with it.

Since we want to see you succeed in all things dating, here’s how you can go from having a crush to, just maybe, having that crush become your girlfriend. Yep, it takes some strategy, but we have faith in your abilities — just as long as you follow some of the tips below.

Slip her not-so-subtle hints on social media

Having a crush can be fun because, assuming you follow her on social media, you get a sense of what she might be interested in and how she fills her time. That’s important to figure out, because, outside of her looks, we hope you’re attracted to her overall energy and how it might match with yours.

That said, don’t be afraid to like some of her posts on Instagram or Facebook, as well as leaving some comments every once in awhile. Sure, it seems elementary, but you want to make sure she knows that you’re into her, and not just liking everything that pops up in your feeds.

Whether this is a girl you know, are acquaintances with or hope to one day run into, social media can be your friend, so make sure to utilize it without coming on too strong or desperate.

Be thoughtful and surprise her (without embarrassing her)

OK, so the two of you have been flirty and exchanging messages that make you think she might be interested, too. That’s great, but it’s not enough to close the deal just yet.

That’s why you’ve got to go a little bit above and beyond all those other suitors of hers, doing something to surprise her to let her know you want to spend more time together. It’s foolish (and unrealistic) to think that you two will just jump into dating once you tell your crush you’re interested, so make sure you go through the necessary steps to get her feelings focused on you.

But be cautious that you’re not surprising her too big, which means going full blowout when a subtle birthday text or flowers or something like that will suffice. You want her to know you’re creative and interested, not make her red in the face because it’s something outlandish.

Give your crush your best body language

When you talk to your crush, are you giving her great eye contact? How’s your posture? What’re you doing with your hands? These might all seem like things that will only make you over-think, but, deep breaths, because you’ve got this.

Leaning in whenever your crush is talking is an absolute must, as is laughing at any of her jokes or, even better, telling some of your own to make her smile — which girls obviously love.

When you focus on positive body language, you’ll be more successful in delivering the message to your crush that you’re interested, so sit up straight and look the part, man.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your crush’s friends to get some info

It might seem like you’re back in middle school, but there’s nothing wrong with doing a little recon work and getting some information from your crush’s friends about how she might feel. It’s not the preferred way to go about things, but, hey, it won’t totally kill your chances if you drop hints to her good pals you might be interested.

This is a great maneuver for obvious reasons, as these girls can be a one-way street to do some of the dirty work for you, relaying the message back to your crush to help get her attention. Being shy is OK, but you’ve got to be confident — whether talking to the friends or your crush — so make sure you’re putting your best foot forward so your crush’s friends can serve as an ally.

Smile and actively listen to see how she really feels, too

As mentioned above, you want to put your best foot forward when talking to your crush, so look like you’re happy to actually be there with her. This means smiling and actively listening to what she has to say.

So, what does active listening actually mean? It involves tremendous eye contact, looking (and actually being) engaged, and making motions that show you’re not just staring at her and thinking about how you want to kiss her or do naughty things with her. Sure, you want that, be honest, but you don’t want to give off that impression.

Avoid distractions like your cell phone or anything else while meeting with your crush, because you’re here to close the deal and let her know you want something more with her, and nothing else should matter. Good luck out there, guys.