Are you dating a gold-digger? Unless you’re Kanye, no one really wants to admit dating a gold-digger. To the point that we might even fool ourselves ignoring the signs and red flags that come with the territory. Here’s our guide to how to spot if you’re dating a gold-digger.

So you met your dream girl. She’s beautiful, smart and funny. You love having her on your arm. You almost cannot believe your luck. You’re truly smitten with your new girl. But does she like you or your wallet?

It’s a question most guys have asked themselves at some point in their life. And it can be difficult to spot because we men tend to be generous in love and culturally we are expected to pay. This handy guide should point you in the right direction of figuring out if you’re dating a gold-digger or not!

Would she stay or would she go?

The easiest clue as to whether you’re dating a gold digger or not is to do a little thought experiement. Imagine if you lost all your money tomorrow. Would the girl you’re dating stay with you or would she leave? A gold digger would almost certainly leave and you probably instinctively know the answer to this question. If you think your girlfried would leave, you best make sure all those Bitcoins are secure!


Everyone likes some luxuries. But a gold-digger would want luxuries exclusively. The best gifts are usually thoughtful, they can cost nothing or be really expensive. A gold-digger would probably not be impressed with a thoughtful gift that costs nothing.

Does she look at you with a blank expression when you give her something sentimental or share a special playlist with her? Yup. That’s a definiate sign you’re probably dating a gold-digger.

You hate her friends because. . .

They are gold-diggers. People tend to keep compnay with people that are similar to them. Do her friends seem materialistic and way hotter and younger than the guys they date?

If you hate her friends because they are gold-diggers, the chances are that your girl is a gold-digger too. It’s just harder to see those qualities in your girl because you’re blinded by the affection she shows you.

Math experts

Accountants are stereotyped as boring for a reason. Money is a dull topic, specially for a date. If you always talk about money with this girl, if she is always keen to find out how much your car cost, whether you own your apartment, all about that business deal – then she’s probably a gold-digger. She’s carefully analising your financial position to make sure you can afford her lifestyle.

If a girl takes interest in your job then that doesn’t mean she’s a gold-digger automatically. But rather look at the list of topics you generally discuss. If it’s limited to “How much I’ve made” and “Designer bags she wants” then you should consider running.

She never pays. . . for anything

It’s usual for men to pay for things, specially dinner and dates. But even the most traditional girl will pay for things occaisionally. She will treat you as much as you treat her. If you find yourself paying for everything, litterally everything big and small, then you’re almost certainly dating a gold digger becasue she is. . .


Do you find it strange how your date never says please or thank you for anything? With a gold-digger you will simply be expected to be the provider for everything she wants. She won’t even make a big deal of it because she expects it. She feels she is entitled to it. It doesn’t even warrent a thank you.

The dinners, gifts and holidays are simply the minimum she expects. She may even be angry if you suggest that a thank you would be nice. So if your girl has a strong sense of entitlement it’s a sure sign she could be a gold digger.

Personal ATM

Money is very important to the gold-digger. The gold-digger doesn’t normally have a good job of her own and instead spends her time working on her looks and fine tuning her strategies for extracting money from your wallet.

This can be done in many different ways. Maybe she will always have some personal crisis and require loans that will never ever be paid back. Or maybe it will be more direct and you will find yourself giving her an allowance or a credit card.

Afterall, looking good for you takes money and it’s convenient for her to have a credit card, you know, for emmergencies? If this sounds like your girlfriend, she’s probably a gold-digger.

She’s way hotter than you

Of course people don’t select a partner based on looks alone. But if she ticks a lot of the boxes above. If she’s not impressed by your volunteering with the homeless, doesn’t care about your thoughful gifts, she’s impressed by money and she’s way way hotter than you are, you have to wonder whether she’s with your money is the only thing that excites her. A big mismatch in attractiveness is a big sign that someone in this relationship might just be a gold-digger.

Of course, that might be the appeal. You worked hard for your money, right? And enjoying time with a beautiful girlfriend may feel like a good way to spend your hard earned cash. Just remember that she may not stick around very long if she finds someone richer than you are.