The sexiest traits that girls look for on guys aren’t probably what many of us think. We know, it might be surprising to hear that they don’t all just want a guy who’s 6-foot-something, with a chiseled jaw, and an 8-pack but, trust us, girls value much more than just looks when it comes to trying to find a partner.

Sure, don’t get us wrong, fellas, there are ladies out there who are superficial enough to only go for the best looking dude in the room, but they aren’t the type you want to spend time with, because many of them tend to be insecure who use their own looks to combat the lack of personality or something else. That’s not true for every attractive girl, of course, but if she’s taking hours to get ready to go to a movie, that’s usually a sign that she’s a little too caught up in appearance.

Since we want you to be your best self, stay confident and know that, yes, there is someone out there who will adore you for being, well, you, we’re giving you the sexiest traits that girls look for in a guy. See how many of these you end up checking off, because you’re bound to be a total catch the more you have.

A guy who has a sense of humor

Obviously, humor is one of the sexiest traits that girls look for in a guy. Why? It should be obvious, but here’s the main reason: because who the hell doesn’t like to laugh? Being serious all the time causes stress and anxiety, so a guy who knows how to make a girl smile is always someone she’s going to want to keep around.

Ambition is a definite positive

You don’t need to know what the rest of your life is going to be like, but a plan of attack is definitely something you’ll want to have armed and ready. Whether that means going back to school to get a degree, starting your own company one day, saving money in order to take a trip or buy a condo, or, well, you get the point. Have something you’re striving for and ladies will love it.

Someone who cares about his family and friends

Yes, showing that you have a relationship with your family is a major turn on for girls, so, hopefully, you have some sort of communication with them. If not, hey, it’s not the end of the world, as you can at least buck the trend by showing how much you care about your buddies and/or how you’ll be a great partner over the long-term. Girls want to know that they can see a future with you, and part of that means having a family.

A man who isn’t afraid to show emotion

Oh, you cry? Big deal, man, because that’s actually a good thing in a lot of girls’ eyes. Sure, you don’t want to be the man sobbing it up over a commercial about pet adoption, but shedding some tears during a movie isn’t bad. Likewise, showing any type of emotion is a turn on for many girls, at it shows passion, among other things, so don’t be afraid to let your guard down every once in awhile in front of her.

Someone who’s good in the bedroom

When you’re putting together a list of sexiest traits, of course someone who knows how to take care of a girl in the bedroom needs to be included. That doesn’t mean the guy needs to be Casanova and have a dong the size of Rhode Island, but it does mean he’s respectful of the girl, communicates with her about what she does and doesn’t like, and then knows how to focus on getting her off. If he can do all those things, he’ll usually get rewarded.

Someone who can laugh at himself

Taking yourself too seriously is typically a major turn off for girls, so go ahead and have fun with your good ol’ self. That means making an ass out of yourself on the dance floor at a wedding, or doing something completely stupid to break the ice when with a group of people who aren’t talking. Having the ability to laugh at yourself shows confidence, and that’s the ultimate sexy trait for ladies to see.

The thought of commitment doesn’t scare them

Being single and living on your own terms can be fun, but, if we’re being honest, there’s nothing quite like having a partner in crime by your side through good and bad, helping lend support no matter what life throws at you. That’s why commitment is one of the sexiest traits ladies look for in guys, because it takes a mature man to admit that he wants something, will focus on making that something work and is over the weekend binge-drinking with his buddies like he used to do in college.

A guy who won’t change his girlfriend and will accept her flaws

Nobody is perfect, guys. Even those hot Instagram models who appear to be flawless are far from perfect, so it’s time to get over that fictional label and accept people for who they are. Yes, there will be things that will piss you off about your girlfriend. And, yep, you better bet there are things you do that make her mad. But, deep down, rather than try to point these things out and try to change the other person, both people adapt to them and learn, hoping that neither one does something purposely that will make the other upset. When a guy can do that, and then admit them, that’s one of the sexiest traits a girl notices, because it’s a willingness to adapt, while still holding her accountable for herself, too.