We all know how common online dating has become, with a huge percentage of the population using apps like Tinder and Bumble to find their future love — or, you know, a one-night stand. While there are plenty of options out there for the general population, we’ve seen niche dating apps, too, with some focusing on things like sex fetishes and, of course, there’s Farmer’s Only, designed for all those “country folks” out there.

Well, unsurprisingly, there are an abundance of dating sites for gamers to use, too. This make sense on so many levels because of the rise in video game playing and competitions around the world in the past decade-plus, and, thanks to these dating sites for gamers, fellow geeks can unite with one another.

Which ones are the best out there? Well, that’s for you to decide. But, at the very least, we’re here to give you some of those options, as these are the dating sites for gamers worth checking out.


More than just a dating app, SoulGeek is one of those dating sites for gamers that adds an additional twist. That’s because it focuses on gamers to share their love of both gaming and geek genres all at once, which includes things like comics, films and cosplay. A free app that also offers a monthly membership for $9.95, SouldGeek’s a solid option for those super geeky guys and girls out there.


While LovelUp is still working through some kinks after being in Beta, it’s still a good spot for gamers who are looking for their perfect companion. Instead of having people take a personality test to determine how potential matches relate, all users on the app is anonymous, with the focus being on a person’s gamertag and games library. The idea is to set people up for a game date, then, from there, see if they want to meet in real life.


If you’re familiar with the interface and design of dating apps like Tinder or Bumble, Cuddli might be your best option. Consider it the beginner’s dating app for gamers, with the app linking up to your Facebook profile, gathering info and pics. It’s basically an app for those who may feel uncomfortable on the mainstream apps to feel part of a niche community of gamers, leading to less catfishing and trolls. As an added plus, it even has mini-games for users to play against one another as an icebreaker.


Arguably the most prominent dating site for gamers, GamerDating is the Rolls Royce of the geek dating genre. Not only does it reward people for using the site, but it also allows them to post their game history, too, which lets users see the type of games someone else is in, which can lead to a match of conversation. The aforementioned rewards are offered to the premium subscribers — which is $35 for two months and $70 for four months — but it could be worth it if you’re serious about finding the right gaming girl.