It’s no secret that dating apps have become all the rage for young people to meet, but, just because everyone seems to be on them, doesn’t mean we all know how to swipe right — pun intended. That’s why we breakdown the top spots for men and women to use these dating apps to increase their quality and gain more matches.

At the bar (but very privately)

This one should probably be obvious, but some may be surprised at how reluctant others are to actually swipe at the bar. When guys and girls are out trying to talk to everyone in the bar/restaurant, when things aren’t going as successful as they hope, allow your dating apps to find the most eligible people to try and connect with instead.

On the beach

No one goes anywhere without their phones these days. For that reason, when lying around at the beach, trust in your handy dating apps to find the girls/guys looking to have a good time, too.

Between listening to music and soaking up some rays, messaging a bunch of matches is a good way to avoid the awkwardness of approaching a group of girls lounging around on a towel, so dating apps should be your best friend here.

At the gym

Wouldn’t it be nice to know the sexy girl wearing those yoga pants who’s running on the treadmill next to you? Of course it would, so make sure you’ve got your dating apps ready to try and match yourself with her (and other) fit-conscious people. Trust us, the whole, “know where the weight room is?” bit doesn’t really work.

In an airport

OK, so you’ve either just landed back home or in a new city for a weekend getaway, now’s the time to whip up those dating apps and get to seeing what girls in that city are up to.

An airport is great for a ton of reasons, but, in reality, the car ride from the airport to wherever you’re staying at is even better. Rack up those matches, start messaging and get to having some fun before you even put your feet up at home or in a hotel.

At a coffeeshop

We know lots of people who work from coffee shops every single day, so, while these spots offer up some serious lookers, it can, sometimes, be easier to just let your phone do the work for you.

Instead of awkwardly getting caught staring at the super cute girl at the table across the room over and over, using dating apps may lead you to her anyways. Plus, as an added bonus, if the two of you match, you can end up talking to her before you both leave for an awesome first impression.

On any college campus

It’s not difficult to understand why using dating apps on a college campus should be tops on your list. Let’s just do the math here: thousands of coeds plus looking for fun and, boom, instant matches. Colleges have always been a breeding ground for this kind of stuff anyways, now it’s just like fishing with dynamite and making it easier to date.

Whether a guy or girl is shy or just having a difficult time meeting someone outside of the normal bar scene, dating apps can be a savior when it comes to finding a relationship or just hooking up.