There are tons of freaky things to do in bed — like anal sex, wild oral sex techniques and BDSM stuff. That said, why restrict how you get down and dirty to just the bedroom right? I mean, there are so many sexual things you should have on your bucket list, that there’s a good chance they include public sex and such.

Well, for all you little exhibitionists out there, we have a treat for you today, because we’re giving you some of the 10 sexual things that you should add to, then knock off of, your bucket list. Remember, these might be freaky things to do, but they’ll be more than worth the experience. Sex should be fun, and we guarantee you’ll enjoy doing this all.

Phone sex

Have you ever had phone sex? It’s one of those things that’s part hot, part tease and part satisfying all at once. Just when you think it’s silly to do, you realize that, after doing it, it’s pretty damn hot. It lets you and your partner talk dirty and describe what you wish you were doing to one another, and that’s awesome.

Have a threesome

It’s not easy to maneuver, but, hey, that’s why having a threesome falls on the list of freaky things to do in bed! To make a threesome happen, you’ve usually got to either a) have a girlfriend who’s got a friend interested in joining in on the action, or b) can find a group of friends who are just as horny and experimental as you are in the bedroom. Tread with caution when requesting, but go for it if you feel it’s an option.

Learn how to make her squirt

Man, making a girl squirt is so hot it’s not even funny. While there’s debate about what the liquid produced from squirting actually is — is it pee, or no? — when a girl does it, it leaves a guy feel like he accomplished something great. Learning how to get a girl off in such a way takes skill, so try to master the art of it.

Give (and get) a striptease

Stripping can be awkward for one another, but, you know what, it’s fun — and, as stated above, sex is supposed to be fun! Whether it’s your birthday or some other special occasion, turn on some cheesy music, grab some bottles of wine and let your inhibitions run wild before getting naughty together.

Tie someone up

Oh, boy, now this is the way to have sex! Sure, it’s fun teasing a girl and putting her arms above her head, telling her she can’t bring them down till you’re done going down on her, but tying her up is next level stuff. Not only does it require trust between two people, but, whoever the tied up person is, is at the mercy of the other — which is a thrilling experience.

Have sex in public

If you have yet to have sex in public, we must ask: what in the hell are you waiting for? Sex somewhere outside of the bedroom should be a requirement for adults, as it allows us to play out all of our sexual fantasies somewhere other than the bedroom. Airplane? Park? Beach? Car? There are so many options to try out.

Role play

Similar to stripping, go ahead and break your normal routine by pretending to be someone else before and during sex. You can go with a theme (like superheroes or some cosplay stuff), or simply have your girl dress as the annoyed teacher who needs to discipline her naughty student. Chances are high that role play sex will be insanely hot.

Use male sex toys

We’ve given you the best male sex toys on the market in the past, so, rather than just read about them, go buy some and use them while you and your girl please one another. There’s, seemingly, a sex toy for every guy, so expand your horizons and step out of your comfort zone a bit by trying some out.

Film, then watch, sex

This. is. so. hot. Literally, one of the freakiest things to do in bed, forget watching porn together, go make a porn together! No need to buy expensive equipment to make this work, just use your phone’s camera, make sure the lighting’s good and go to town. Once you’re done with round one, take a break, drink some water and fire up your homemade production by watching it together to make round two happen.

Have sex with a stranger

Whether this is a one-night stand or simply being bold enough to approach a girl in public and charm her pants right off (literally!), sex with a stranger is no-strings-attached fun. Rather than have much emotional connection, the physical comes into play more, with the two of you little hornballs being naughty and living out some sexual fantasies together in a way that you, typically, can’t with someone you already know. This is your chance to bang like pornstars and go wild, because, after all, the two of you will never see each other again.