Self doubt, insecurities and lack of confidence are things that all people have. That said, it’s important to overcome some of these thoughts and traits by thinking positively and appreciating the good things and people around you.

Sure, it’s not easy always being positive — nor healthy — but those who think with a glass half-full mentality tend to overcome negative thoughts and people, making for a happier life each day. But, is it really possible to get out of a rut and kill self doubt and insecurity once and for all? Yep, sure is. Keep reading to see exactly how you can do it and start being the best version of yourself!

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Take a deep breath and gather your thoughts

It may sound cliche and too simple to do, but, anytime your mind is racing and you feel anxious about something, slow it down by simply closing your eyes and breathing in nice and heavy through your nose and out your mouth a few times. It’s like a quick little yoga class to reset your thoughts and help calm yourself. It may take a few times till knock off the edge, but it’s the first step in killing self doubt.

Tell yourself “stop”

OK, now that you’ve tried taking a few deep breaths to help calm your mind, it’s time to take charge and tell yourself to stop! That’s right, as soon as you feel yourself over-thinking things or worrying, respond quickly by harnessing those negative thoughts whisper to yourself to stop them. Once you control your brain and avoid going down that negative road, you’ll train your mind to eliminate such thoughts.

Stop comparing yourself

There’s always going to be someone smarter, better looking or more successful than you are, so learn to accept that and be happy with the person you are! Trust us, it’s easy to sit around and people watch, scroll through social media or look for acceptance on dating apps, but, when comparing yourself to other people, you’re only diminishing the good you actually have. You can’t please everyone and you’re not everyone’s cup of tea; just understand that and be your best self each day.

Write down your thoughts

Journaling is a great way to keep your mind fresh and give yourself a hobby each day. Plus, when you’re documenting your day, it’ll make you try new things so not to find yourself writing the same things down all the time. Think about it, who wants to read about waking up, going to work, being bored at work, then coming home and watching TV? Borrrrrring. Writing thoughts down will make you feel more enthusiastic about things in your life.

Set goals

Looking to start a business? Give yourself a deadline. Really want to get a girlfriend? Start practicing good habits and make it happen. When you have goals, it becomes human nature to push yourself to achieve them, even if some of them are out of your control. Goals also help maintain focus and sharpen your skills in order to reach them. Remember, life is about learning and improving each day, which is why it’s a marathon and not a sprint to the end. Understand that and achieve something new each day.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

OK, so you got turned down, in public, while attempting to talk to that girl; who cares?! You may think it’s the biggest deal in the world, but, even the public disappointment, isn’t going to be remembered until the end of time. You may think everything you do is the most important thing and people will never forget about your failures, but that’s not the case. The battle you have internally is often the same one as other guys, so learn to avoid worrying about the small things out of your control and boost you confidence.