Chances are high that, most of us, have had a crazy ex who has made us happy that a relationship ended. Although being single can suck, being in a relationship with the wrong person can be straight-up hell, and it’s kind of good to see a person’s true colors once the relationship ends.

And, while we could list a few things that some of our ex’s have done that have been manipulative, mean and downright petty, we headed over to Reddit to hear a few stories from people that truly showed how crazy some ex’s can be. Let this serve as a warning sign, guys, because, if any of these ever occur, you should run the other way in a hurry!

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  • “My roommate had a “crazy ex” who would call him 20 times and leave five voicemails a day. This had been going on for about a week or so and I asked him if he had ever listened to the voicemails or called her back and he said “fuck no she is just being crazy as shit. The following week I talked to her roommate and asked why she was calling him so much. It was because he hadtaken her virginity and she wanted it back. Well besides that, the actual reason was that the night they broke up he apparently went to her house, took a bat, and smashed all her windows and slashed all her tires. Never knew my roommate was broken up so hard by it nor had the anger to go and actually act on.”


  • “I keyed the shit out of her car…I only did it because her friend (who turned out not to be her friend after all) told me my ex was planning on doing it to my car but I later found out that was a lie. I felt like shit and told my ex…she then proceed to burn my car. :(.”


  • “Pissed in her mailbox. Not proud of that, but definitely not ashamed of it either.”


  • “Ok so I may have sent his new girlfriend (the one he cheated on me, and left me for) some screenshots of cringy messages where he sent unsolicited dick pics and begged for me back. While he was dating her. My friends verified that it was equal parts funny and justified but pretty sure there’s plenty of ways to spin that into ‘unnecessary evil’ and ‘Jesus christ woman just let it go’. He was horrible though and so was she!”


  • “One of my exes became convinced that I was cheating on her with two girls at the same time because they had given me a ride downtown to get lunch with her. She broke down into tears begging me to stop cheating on her and letting her know that she forgives me as long as I break it off with them. She later cheated on me.”

As you can see with some of the above crazy ex stories, there are some that people are a bit ashamed of, while others are proud about being labeled the crazy ex themselves, getting a little solace in paying back a cheating ex or someone who broke their hearts. We don’t condone any of the behavior, but, hey, it’s fun to read about. See the whole thread over on Reddit.