Us guys may not know the sexiest things to do when it comes to wooing a girl, but, when it comes to using our words, we tend to be pretty good at flirting and getting their attention — or so we all think. Talking to a girl can be tough sledding for some guys, with dudes over-thinking what to say and when to say it. 

While that can be normal given the situation you might be in while talking to a girl, we’re here to squash any and all doubt in yourselves, and we’re using science help. That’s because we found some research that revealed the sexiest thing a you can say to a person, which, hopefully, will lead to more dating success.

According to Best Life, the study was conducted by sex toy retailer, which polled 2,000 Americans to see what some of their biggest turn-ons in bed include. Hint: make sure you kiss the neck, nibble the ear and look at your girl directly in the eyes, because that’s what most ladies admitted to being sexiest.

However, the study also asked participants what words are the sexiest to hear someone say. It may not be something you should always drop on a girl, but, per the research, the simple words of “I love your” are the biggest turn-on. For those not willing or ready to go that far, just telling a partner that you “like that” when doing something in bed can have the same impact, as it’s shown to be a major aphrodisiac. After all, who doesn’t enjoy being told they’re doing a job well done?

According to Fred Petrenko of, who talked to the New York Post about the study results, sometimes, it’s words, actions and affection that are the biggest turn-ons, not having six-pack abs or a perfect smile. Likewise, as a man, being generous and conscientious is a major turn-on, too.

“The study showed that non-physical affections are the biggest turn-ons for everyone,” Fred Petrenko of told The New York Post.

Now that you’ve got some ammo for the next time you approach a girl, here are some other key findings from the study, which also focused on some of the major turn-offs. According to the results, things like bad hygiene, eating with your mouth open, talking about exes, flirting with other people, acting insecure, dressing poorly, not listening well, and behaving arrogantly were the biggest red flags when it comes to dating someone.

Now that you know some of the sexiest things you can do to not only get, but keep, the girl you’re crushing on, make sure to put your best foot forward and follow some of the results here. Remember, being kind, generous and humble is the way to go, so skip all the other BS if you really want to find the girl of your dreams, fellas.

(H/T Best Life)