First dates are rarely fun, and, in some cases, can be downright awkward AF. I mean, sure, they have their high points, like the excitement of meeting up with someone new for the first time and optimism that, just maybe, it’ll be the last first date you ever go on — if you’re looking for something like that. But, unfortunately, there are some dated rules that many people still follow, and it’s time to change that.

We’ve all heard the “laws” to follow about first dates: like not texting the person within 48 hours, don’t reveal too much and blah, blah, blah. Well, it’s time to break those barriers and remind yourself that it’s 2018, so be honest on a first date because, let’s face it, it’s your one chance to make a good first impression.

To help you get over that mental hurdle, here are some of the outdate rules of first dates that guys everywhere need to stop following. Trust me, it’ll do you favors to open up a little more.

First dates should never include ex-girlfriend talk

Forget this rule, guys, because if you’re really worried about scaring off a new girl by talking about your ex-girl, you’re just being way too hard on yourself. We all have a past — and, guess what, we (hopefully) learned from it. While you want to make sure you don’t throw shade at your ex to a first date and make it seem like you’re bitter with how it ended or aren’t yet over her, it’s OK to talk about some of the things that previously happened to you, just be sure to stop yourself if you find yourself going down a rabbit hole of complaints.

Always avoid swearing on first dates

F*ck this sh*t! If swearing on a first date is bad, I might as well be called the devil, because my sailor mouth doesn’t have much of a filter. Look, you don’t want to be dropping F bombs left and right, so feel out the girl before doing so, but if part of your personality is cursing, be yourself. The last thing you want to do is leave the first date with the girl thinking you’re an alter boy and then she finds out by date three that you’re really a swearing machine.

Make sure you’re dressed to the nines

I’ve had first dates at burger joints where I spent a total of $15 while wearing a hat, glasses and a pair of khakis that had a torn back pocket, so first dates don’t require you getting all dolled up. Sure, you want to avoid looking like a homeless person who’s unapproachable, but you don’t need to go in all clean cut, appearing as if you’re going to a best friend’s wedding. Keep things casual by being comfortable, that’s when you’ll be most confident and sexiest to the girl sitting across from you.

First dates should be dinner, drinks or coffee

There are many people who stick to the dinner, drinks and/or coffee route for first dates. That’s fine, but, c’mon, how boring is that? Don’t be afraid to take a girl putt putting, or to the bowling alley, or on a hike. There are so many endless possibilities for first dates that guys refuse to do for fear that it’s coming on too strong. But why would you want to be like everyone else and do the status quo? Avoid something elaborate, but be creative at the same time.

Never ask if they’re seeing someone else

It may only be a first date, but it’s OK to ask what they’re looking for and if they’re dating around or seeing someone else, just don’t press or overthink it too much. This is all about what you want, and if you’re looking for a relationship and find out she’s just having fun being single, it’ll be easier for you to avoid a second date because you know her expectations. If you’re cool with dating multiple people and you’re both doing the same thing, then get it on the table and proceed as you both want to. But it’s no longer taboo to at least talk about this on a first date.