Cheating sucks. And, whether that’s physical or emotional cheating, the pain is real no matter what, leading to future distrust in relationships and months (or years) of heartache. But, for some reason, people continue to be selfish and manipulate their significant others, playing them for fools as they go out and have a separate relationship. It’s sad, quite frankly.

While cheating will never come to an end, it’s always interesting to hear stories about people who get caught while doing it. Maybe it’s just us, but seeing as how we despise cheating so much, the satisfaction in hearing someone who did it getting busted by their significant other brings a big smile to our faces.

Lucky for us, we turned to Reddit to find a thread that asked one simple question: Former cheaters, how were you caught by your significant others? The answers are below — and there are some doozies — so, hopefully, these people learned their lesson and squashed the old adage that once a person is a cheater, they’re always a cheater.

  • “I caught my ex thanks to fucking Pokemon Go of all things. She mentioned Pokemon Go was using lots of her data. I explained that in her settings she could see how much data an app was using. I proceeded to show her and proved to her it wasn’t by pointing out Tinder was using much more data… It was sad but also funny the way it went down.”


  • “Knew my wife was up to some shady shit. Went through her texts, which I sent to lawyer. The one text that cut the deepest? “Baby Cakes” Marco asking if he could jizz on her engagement/wedding ring. Fuck you, Amanda.”


  • My first girlfriend cheated on me. She left to go to a party, but I couldn’t go, so I kissed her and said, ‘have fun, be safe!’ She later called me and said she slept with two guys, and that it was so fun that she was dumping me. I’m still recovering from that one.”


  • “Back in the day, Snapchat used to tell you the top three friends of any of your friends. I saw that I was number one, her best friend was number three, and some dude co-worker was number two. I later logged into her voxer account and was able to hear conversations between her and said dude where she’d say things like she can’t wait to run her hands through his hair and then the pinnacle when he asked her if his jizz tasted different after drinking pineapple monster energy drink. She said she doesn’t usually taste it and just swallows it and that she’ll have to pay more attention next time. Confronted her and she’s telling me I’m taking it out of context. Yea, cuz that’s normal conversation between male and female coworkers.”


  • “Was on a ‘break’ with my girlfriend at the time. Got a text from a girl that had mutual friends with her and knew each other kind of well – started having dirty conversation, talking about sleeping together, etc. Turns out my girlfriend at the time had gotten a burner phone with a different number and was the one sending me the texts the whole time. She was not pleased.”


  • Caught my ex-fiancee on New Years. I posted pictures of us, exclaiming how I was excited to spend another year with her. Sadly enough, her other boyfriend saw the post I tagged her in. He was awfully upset as well. I still sympathize with him because I know how it feels. Don’t fucking cheat on people. It tears people up inside.”


  • While at uni I walked on an argument between my gf and her housemate as the housemate shouted ‘at least I’m not a whore who sleeps with everyone when she goes home.’ Turned out she was sleeping around.”


  • “I saw she had a different brand of condoms than I use in her bag. I Checked her phone when she was in the shower and confirmed it.”


  • “I looked on her laptop and saw she was messaging her mother about this guy she was on a date with. Also messaging her friend about how perfect he was and dick size. She was supposedly at her friends but never came home that night. We were together for 4 and a half years and she couldn’t be decent and break up…Be a decent person and just end it.”

Pretty painful, stuff, huh? To see more crazy cheating stories, head on over to Reddit for the full thread.

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