Online dating apps and sites have been all the rage for years, but, every so often, users can find themselves a bit stuck when it comes to getting matches and landing dates. This can happen for a number of reasons — swiping fatigue, bad pics or profile, etc. — but, at times, it might just be because a person’s too shy to really sell themselves. 

As weird as it sounds, online dating apps and sites are an opportunity to market you! That’s right, just as you would put together a strong resume and cover letter when applying to a job, when dating online, you’ve got one chance to make a first impression, hoping that the right girl sees it and gives you a chance. However, when a person’s shy or unconfident, that’s a little trickier than it needs to be.

Instead of over-thinking it or feeling down, it might just be time to switch dating apps and try one that’s best suited for shy people like yourself. Since there’s literally a dating app for nearly every kinky sex fantasy out there, of course there are some for people who are more timid, too, so take a look at these to help increase your match chances.

Elite Singles

Like others you’ll see on this list, Elite Singles is a great online dating app that gives its users lots of different options to choose from. That said, unlike Tinder or Bumble — which are “quick hitter” types of dating apps for those looking for looks more than substance — Elite Singles goes deep in trying to get to know its users.

Thanks to a personality test, the dating app does its best to provide the best match options, suggesting the most compatible people based off of replies to those questions.


While you’ve probably heard of the majority of online dating apps and sites we’ve provided here, Anomo is one that might have slipped through the cracks. But, hey, it also might be your best option for finding that special someone.

Not only is the service completely free — which some of the other options here can’t claim — but Anomo is also a lot more fun than your standard dating app. Allowing its users a place to play games and sort of virtually hangout, the dating app locks your info and picture from being seen by other users until it sees shared interests between people. It’s a unique way to break the ice, and can let you and a girl become comfortable together before taking the plunge to go on a date.


There’s a very good chance that you’ve heard of the dating app Zoosk before. Hell, it has over 40 million users at this point, so it’s proven to be effective for those looking for love.

The best feature Zoosk offers shy people might just be its SmartPick feature, which is basically like a virtual wingman, providing a notification if/when you and someone you gave attention to both show mutual interest. From there, it’s all about coming up with a simple icebreaker.

Looking for an online dating app that actually goes out of its way to provide a community? Your best bet may be, which regularly hosts meet-up events that bring people together.

We know, you’re shy and big crowds might not be your thing, but it’s not a bad way to at least get yourself out there. Plus, if you’re not into the whole meet-up idea, you can just stick to using the app and going super stealth, utilizing its Incognito Mode feature — which allows you to look at other profiles without users knowing.


One of the most popular online dating apps and sites for those people who are seriously looking for a relationship, eHarmony is a perfect spot to find a partner for the long haul.

With tons of users all around the globe, eHarmony can help those shy people with its RelyID and Guided Communication features. What’re those, exactly? They’re basically a series of questions for users to answer to help eliminate catfishing, while also narrowing down potential matches based off replies and location.