Anyone familiar with the hit HBO series Westworld will have either had dreams or nightmares about about the future. In the series, sexy robots with artificial intelligence (AI) cater to every whim of the rich tourists that visit the depraved theme park. And then the sex robots takeover.

Thanks to advances in technology and innovative companies like Abyss Creations, this future now looks like it will arrive in our lifetimes. AI sex robots go on sale later this year. I conducted a huge survey into male attitudes to sex robots to find out if we are ready for them. Read on to see the findings.

Over 500 men in North America, the UK and Australia took part in the survey. The most obvious thing to ask them was whether they could have sex with a robot. For the purposes of the survey it was pointed out that by robot, we meant a sex robot that could mimic human emotions.

Could you have sex with a robot?The results were pretty amazing. A full 71 per cent of men admitted that they would totally fine with robot sex. In fact only seven per cent absolutely would not have sex with a robot and the remaining 22 per cent just weren’t sure.

Sex toy makers should take note that although many men would have sleep with a sex robot, 68 per cent of the men we surveyed had never use any male sex toys.

Fleshlight, who have done so much to make male sex toys mainstream were the most popular sex toys with 28 per cent of men admitting to using them or similar products.

And I’ve already discussed the alarming number of men that have made sweet love to their vacuum cleaners.

Although many men could happily sleep with a sex robot, things didn’t look all positive for inter-human-robot romance. Only 24 per cent of men thought they could have a relationship with a robot. The majority of men were undecided with 37 per cent unsure.

Faithfulness in human and robot relationshipsIt was more bad news for sex robot relationships when I asked men about their levels of faithfulness. Only a third of men said they would be faithful to a robot if they were in a relationship with one. Whereas in human relationships a huge 85 per cent of men said they are always faithful in relationships.

As a side note, the survey also found younger men to be way more faithful than older men. 90 per cent of men aged 18-24’s were always faithful while 30 per cent of 45-54’s admitted to cheating.

If any girls are reading you should also beware of men that boast about the number of partners they’ve had. I found men who have had more than 10 partners to be the least faithful group with 35 per cent cheating on their partners.

How much would a sex robot cost?

Sex robots are pretty much guaranteed to be pricey. I’ve heard it could cost as much as US $5 000 just for the robotic head. Sex robots will be a big ticket item, at least to begin with.

This is the single biggest challenge to sex robots competing with real women in the bedroom. Most men simply aren’t prepared to spend that kind of money on a sex robot.

What would men pay for a sex robot?Most men would only be happy to spend the equivalent of a new iPhone to purchase a sex robot. Just US $750.

It definitely hints that manufacturers will have their work cut out to convince many men of the value in buying a sex robot over something similar with a human. For example, the average sugar baby annual allowance is US$60 000 but only 4 per cent of men would spend that on a robot.

To give another example, the average cost of a wedding is US $26 000 but only 2 per cent of men would consider spending that on their dream robot lover.

Men generally compared buying a robot sex doll to buying other high tech consumer goods. iPhones, TVs and even cars and Segways were the most popular value comparisons.


I wondered how men would buy their sex robots. Perhaps there will be a big rental market as there is for other expensive items like cars and houses?

It turns out there’s definitely a gross-out factor when it comes to renting a sex robot. 71 per cent of men would consider buying a sex robot outright but there was very little interest in renting them either short-term, long-term or by the hour like prostitutes.

This did throw up an interesting statistic. 10 per cent of men would consider paying for sex robots by the hour. A similar number of men admit to paying for sex. I can’t help but think the two are linked.

Would you share your sex robot?Sex robot party

I’m not sure if it was due to hygiene concerns, a sense of possession or something else but very few men would share their sex robot with their friends.

I guess this might be a sign that relationships between men and robots will be similar to relations between men and women. Very few men would share their girlfriend and it turns out only four per cent of men would share their sex robot.

It looks like men are ready for sex robots in some ways and excited about their arrival. Maybe there will need to be some adjustment in sexual attitudes. In some ways men will treat sex robot relationships just as they would with a human. But in other ways not so much. I have a feeling there will be some very jealous sex robots out there will all that cheating. That will have to cause some problems if every-sci-fi-movie-ever is anything to go by.

But the biggest barrier to sex robots becoming normal appears to be the cost. Several companies are currently releasing AI sex robots but with most men only willing to spend between 750 and 3000 dollars, they are not going to be cheap enough to become a common addition to men’s bedrooms quite yet.

This article is part of a series. Keep your eyes peeled for more stats and video on sex robots on soon. Click to download full info-graphic as a PDF.

Harriet Sugarcookie's sex robot survey info-graphic - full