Sex with “crazy girls” is always believed to be a little bit better for guys, who always seem to brag to their buddies about how a girl would be a wilder, louder and much more open to different sex positions when they’re a bit more emotionally unstable. And, while that might seem to be a myth that guys just want to believe and tell one another, a new study seems to support the claim.

According to a piece published in The Sun, a German survey that spoke to 1,000 people, showed that guys have better sex with women who are more emotionally unstable. That survey also showed that women prefer men who are less agreeable, but pay attention to detail.

The lead researcher on the study, Julia Velten, interviewed each volunteer about their sex lives, personality traits and sex function. For girls, this included things like sexual desire, satisfaction, arousal and orgasm, while, for men, it focused on erectile function, desire, satisfaction and orgasm. What the researchers found were that, for men, partners who had “less emotional stability” reported better sexual function, while the ones who with “lower agreeableness” was predictive of better sexual function in women.

In other words, sex with crazy girls tend to be a bit more enjoyable for guys. And, really, this isn’t something we should find as too shocking, considering we’ve probably all had sex with a girl who has had some emotional issues — like a break-up, work dissatisfaction, etc. — and uses that emotion to cut loose in the bedroom. Likewise, there’s a reason why the whole “daddy issues” thing exists. Just saying…

Also unsurprisingly, the study, which was published in the Journal Of Sex Research, also found that men had better sex with partners who had similar traits; specifically, being easily stimulated, with researchers adding this in their findings:

“In men who are easily aroused by erotic fantasies or visual stimuli, having a partner who responds in a similar way may facilitate sexual function,” the researchers said. “This finding implies that a healthy sexual life is possible even in long relationships,” the researchers said.

The results of the study are helpful in identifying a few key factors in what makes a sexual relationship healthy and happy. That said, some other experts believe more research is needed before accepting that this small sample size is true for the general population.

“The results only present a static picture of the dynamics between the measured variables – we don’t know how they are causally related to each other,” Dr Christian Jarrett, who was not involved in the study, wrote for The British Psychological Society. “Nonetheless, this study breaks new ground by uncovering the ways that our partner’s personality might have an influence on our own sexual function.”

It’s all interesting information and helpful in what people find to be stimulating. While, yes, the sample size is small, we think guys will continue to look for emotionally unstable girls to bed, because sex with a crazy girl is an idea that has been around for centuries. Just remember to be a gentleman about things and not add to any of her confusion after sex, that’d just make you be an ass.

(H/T The Sun)