In search for the best types of condoms to satisfy your girlfriend? We know, it can be hard, but, with a little bit of research, it can be accomplished. After all, while guys may think that their penis is enough to get a girl off, the truth is that it can take a little extra help — or, in some cases, lube and/or ribs — to really get the job done.

So what can make the difference between a good condom for her pleasure and one that is just run of the mill? Well, according to Jessica O’Reilly, Ph.D, via Women’s Health, it’s textures that can really leave her moaning more in the sack.

“Some people like the feeling of ribbed and other textured versions and others report that they don’t experience any difference in pleasure.”

Sure, most guys just grab the first thing they see when they’re on their way to have sex, but, thanks to some details from girls themselves, see why that should stop. Yep, it’s time to focus on the types of condoms you’re buying, gents, so here are the ones that may be your best bet to enhance the sexual experience.

Glyde Slimfit

As the “smallest condom approved by the FDA,” in their own words, Glyde condoms allow for a snug fit that feels tight around the penis and super sensitive inside the vagina. All Glyde condoms are also vegan and non-toxic, too, meaning they don’t have that latexy smell that others do. These types of condoms will allow your lady to feel every vein and inch of you, guys, which will make you feel like a stud.

Sustain Ultra Thin

So what makes Sustain Ultra Thin condoms ones that ladies like the most? Well, in addition to the tighter fit — which creates a more natural feeling for both people, like there isn’t one being worn at all — they’re all natural, too. That means these are a good choice for those out there who are eco-friendly and don’t want any of the toxins from dyes and such involved.

Trojan Bareskin

Not all types of condoms can brag that they’re 40 percent thinner than the average condom — but Trojan Bareskin can. With these being extra thin, it allows the woman to feel the natural ability of a men while he’s deep inside her, which is a feeling women prefer to other latex options. If you really want to feel like nothing’s there at all, this is the best option on the market.

Crown Skinless Skin

When something dubs itself as “skinless skin,” the thought is that it’s pretty much nonexistent when worn during sex. That’s the feeling guys and girls want when having sex, so it’s important to find the types of condoms that can deliver — and Crown’s version certainly can. Lacking the odor of latex like other brands, these ultra-thin condoms are a perfect alternative to some of the bigger brands.

(H/T Women’s Health)