Loving yourself plays a huge part in your success in life. Yes, believe it or not, if you’re putting vibes out there that you’re not as great as you actually are, that bad energy will definitely rub off onto others, impacting their interactions with you — assuming they want to approach you at all given your body language.

Look, we don’t expect everyone to be confident all the time, always optimistic and cheery. But we do hope that people look forward to the things they’ve got going on and are grateful for everything they have, rather than falling into the trap of “whoa is me,” talking about your problems and venting nonstop about stuff.

One way in which your lack of loving yourself could be impacting you is, surprise, in the bedroom. Whether it’s worrying about how you’re performing to wondering if you look bad with your shirt off, there are a lot of people who put themselves down by over-thinking too much about things they can’t control. This type of anxiety only makes those feelings even worse.

Since we think it’s important for everyone out there to understand how critical loving yourself really is, we’re giving you a few ways of doing it in order to feel more sexual towards others. Even if this isn’t your ultimate goal, hey, just loving yourself in general will make you more attractive to other people and, in the end, make you feel better — which is the most important thing anyway.

Loving yourself means accepting your weaknesses

Nobody’s perfect, we all know that, yet, for some reason, we often think that we have to be. Rather than sit there and compare ourselves to others, worrying about what we don’t have in our own life, why not sit back and appreciate what you do have to offer, which will make you more satisfied and grateful.

It can be a challenge, but once you accept your weakness and try to work on them (along with improving your strengths), you’ll become much more attractive to yourself and others. It’ll get rid of the burden that you don’t have as much to offer as that guy, or that random person you saw on social media that wants you to think everything in life is great. We all have problems, accept them and move on.

Be confident with the strengths you have

Along the same lines, knowing what you’re good at and focusing on those will make you more attractive, too, leading to loving yourself in the end. No, you might not have a six pack or millions of dollars, but you do have good health, a steady job and loyal friends, so why not focus on those things rather than chase something all the time?

Once you identify and become confident with those strengths, you’ll love yourself more because you’ll start to realize that, yeah, you’re quite the catch after all. It’s important not to worry so much about what you don’t have.

Spending more time with your partner can lead to loving yourself more

We all think that spending time alone is the way to find ourselves, but, when it comes to appearing sexier, it might be easier to spend time with your partner instead. Why? Because this person will remind you not to be so hard on yourself, and talk some sense into you to get out of your own head about things. They’ll teach you patience and make you understand that you don’t need all the answers.

Once you come to the realization that you have lots to give — and someone cares enough to give that back to you — you can start loving yourself in ways you might not have ever imagined. Trust those people around you to bring that person out of you.

Reducing stress will help you begin loving yourself

We all know that stress can kill you, but it’s part of life at times. Accept that and try to reduce it as best you can by simply appreciating the things you do have and not worry about those things you don’t. You can only control so much in your life, and worrying will get you absolutely nowhere.

When your anxiety or stress is sky-rocketing, it shows towards other people, which, in effect, makes you appear less sexy. Slow things down and find activities that can help you clear your mind a bit. These include journaling, working out, listening to music and other stimulating things. In the end, you’ll begin loving yourself more and giving off better, sexier vibes.