Smell has long been one of those senses that proves how attractive someone is to another person. In fact, just the other day, we had a girl tell us all about how pheromones work — which is how certain animals detect attraction towards one another. But, when it comes to sex, does how a person smells really impact their sex life?

According to a recent study that was published in the journal called Archives of Sexual Behavior, the answer is an definite yes, with researchers finding that people with a stronger sense of smell having better sex — which is especially true for girls, even finding girls who identify that way to have more orgasms during intercourse.

The study polled a total of 70 people — 42 girls and 28 guys — all between the ages of 18 and 36, giving each participant Sniffin’ Sticks to evaluate their sense of smell. Shortly afterwards, the participants answered a short survey about their sex life, answering things about desires, frequency and perceived pleasure during sex. The results were interesting, to say the least, with people who had higher olfactory sensitivity rating sex to be more pleasurable. As a side note, there was no link between a person’s smelling ability and their level of sexual desire.


What’s even more interesting is that the smell of “vaginal fluids, sperm and sweat seems to enrich the sexual experience,” per a Business Insider article. What’s this mean for you? Well, even if you’re not the cleanest person around, you might still have a good shot at getting laid if your partner smells some of your sweat prior to sex.

Thanks to the study, we now know that having a good sense of smell — and smelling good — could mean more romp sessions. But, the most positive impact might be better sex, not just more of it. If that’s not a reason to be proud of your smelling abilities and your own scent, we don’t know what is!?!

So, if you have a stronger-than-normal sense of smell, good for you, because there’s a great chance your sex life is A+.

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(H/T Men’s Health)