Many guys have probably asked themselves what do girls look for in a guy. And, while there are plenty of theories out there — like looks, money and success, among other things — a new study suggests that it’s your brain that is the sexiest trait about you, gents!

Sure, we’ve all spent copious amounts of time swiping like crazy on online dating apps, thinking that it’s the quality of our pics that will land the most matches. But, don’t drop a bunch of cash on a professional photographer and editor to try and make you handsome AF, ’cause it might be better to beef up your bio instead, with girls wanting to see that you know the difference between “there,” their” and “they’re”.

Thanks to a new study that was published in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, we now know that it’s a guy’s intelligence that is most likely to snag that sexy girl at the coffee shop. Sure, don’t get us wrong, it helps to look presentable, avoiding the whole “lazy college boy” look, but, once you speak to her, you better at least sound like you’re smart.

Here’s what some of the lead researchers had to say.

“We speculate that women are motivated to secure a mate with equal or higher intelligence… The results of the study suggest that intelligence may be slightly more important to women when choosing a long-term mate,” lead study author Dr. Curtis Dunkel told Inverse. “More specifically, a woman may look for a man who is slightly more intelligent than she is and she uses her physical attractiveness to secure a more intelligent husband.”

So, can this study, in fact, be trusted? Well, there’s something to be said for an intelligent guy and the way a girl is attracted to him. For instance, in separate research, a Sexual Strategies Theory that was published all the way back in 1933 showed that “modern women have inherited the evolutionary trait to desire mates who possess resources, have qualities linked with acquiring resources (e.g., ambition, wealth, industriousness), and are willing to share those resources with them.”

That’s important to remember, guys, because, while we all think that cheesy pickup lines, having A+ style and charm is the way to snag a sexy girl, it’s kind of proven that most girls prefer a guy who has ambition and brains. Go ahead and argue that if you want to, but there’s kind of a good reason why there aren’t too many girls pounding down the doors of the dude living on his buddy’s couch.

(H/T BroBible)