Spring resolutions might not be as common to make as New Years Resolutions, but, as the calendar changes into March, it might be time for you to reassess what it is you want to accomplish prior to the wild summer months hitting. And, because we know that resolutions are difficult to keep no matter what time of year it is, we’re here to offer up some advice on which goals to set that will actually happen for you.

A good example of a spring resolution is the good ol’ spring cleaning, where you decide to finally tell your buddies “no” when asked to go grab a happy hour and, instead, blast a bunch of music while you tidy up your apartment. This might not be the sexiest thing to look forward to, but, hey, it’s probably necessary, so stop putting it off before your place looks like a frat house, guys.

As well all probably know, though, spring resolutions aren’t just physical things, but mental things, too. Like all goals, as long as you’re working towards something to be accomplished, that’s all you can ask for — but make sure you hold yourself accountable and actually reach that task, otherwise you may be left feeling unfulfilled.

For those who are looking to do something different this spring and further progress in their own life, here are some ideas for spring resolutions that you can definitely achieve.

Make your spring resolutions something you’ve always wanted to try

Money permitting, your spring resolutions should be things that you’ve always wanted to do but have never tried before. Is there a spot in town that people talk about as being peaceful and pretty? Why not break the routine of drinking with friends on a Saturday and head out there instead?

Even better, for those looking to get away this summer on vacation, go ahead and make it a point to make a spring resolution that’s all about saving money for that big trip. While the travels don’t happen in the springtime, the steps you’re taking now will go a long way in getting you somewhere new later this year — which is awesome.

Step up your style and feel “springy” with your colors

It’s time to toss out all those heavy sweaters and winter hats, guys, because a spring resolution should be matching your outfit with the weather. Most people dress based off what substance, going with a raincoat when it’s pouring out, or gloves and a hat when it’s snowing. So why not do the same in the spring?

As springtime comes, the chances are high that you’re in a good mood anyway, so why not reflect that feeling with lighter colors that show people you’re happy? Plus, with the warmer weather comes shorts and tees, anyway, which are generally lighter shades of blue and green to match with yellows and pastels.

Get outside and make your spring resolutions something active

Go hike. Go bike. Go join a kickball team. Anything you can do to get outside more should be on your list of spring resolutions, because it’s one of the best times of year to be active and meet new people.

After a winter of dull weather and being cooped up indoors and isolated, we don’t know why you wouldn’t take the chance to soak up some Vitamin D and take in some sunshine anyway. The fact that you get to do something active is just an added bonus, so take advantage of the nicer weather and longer days that spring brings.

Put down your phone and make it a goal to meet a stranger each week

If you’re really being honest with yourself, you’ve probably been on your phone all winter long, either swiping on all those online dating apps or wasting time going through Instagram to avoid the crappy weather outside. With the springtime comes warmer weather and longer days, though, so stop staying indoors on your phone and start interacting with people in real life.

As a spring resolution, you should make it a goal to meet a stranger every single week. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to swap numbers and become best friends, but it does mean that, whether you’re at a coffee shop or in a park, you keep your phone in your pocket and engage in conversation with someone instead.

Eat healthier and cook more this spring

It’s just about beach season, fellas, which means it’s time to get back into shape now before the hotter months come. This means you should ditch the comfort food you’ve been eating way too much of since Thanksgiving and start cooking leaner, more filling grub instead.

Don’t be afraid to grab some fresh veggies and whip up a dish with chicken, salmon or a lean cut of steak. And, rather than go out and indulge in brunch on the weekends, why not make yourself an omelette that doesn’t come with a side of heavy potatoes and toast but is just as filling?

Cooking is fun, so get into the routine now and you’ll find yourself in better shape and spending less money on one-time meals out at restaurants.