Ever wonder if your sex life is better during one season than another? For instance, the spring and summer seem to bring an eternal optimism as the weather is nicer, the sun is shining and more people are outside moving around. However, the fall or winter months might get you down.

If you’ve ever wondered why you don’t seem to have as much energy during the fall or winter as you do the rest of the year, it’s probably because of the shorter days. But, guess what, that lack of energy doesn’t have to ruin your sex life and leave it dormant! In fact, it can do the exact opposite.

Since we’re officially in the fall season, we’re here to be excited about what’s in store for your sex life, because the changing colors and cooler weather can be a very welcome sign.

You find girls to be more attractive

Maybe it’s the increased carbs and sweets girls take in, or the lack of outdoor exercise and activity, but guys tend to find girls hotter in the fall. That’s probably because they’re more curvaceous during this time of year than any other season, making guys stare a little bit longer at their hips and butts. After an abundance of skin during the summer — which brings plenty of options to drool over — the fall showcases a more natural look for girls, which is one reason why they may appear to be sexier this time of year.

Your libido actually rises

While your energy levels may seem to be better when it’s warmer out, when it comes to your libido, the fall is when it’s in overdrive, with research showing that testosterone levels are higher than any other time of the year. Whether it’s due to the limited amount of light and outdoor exposure or some primal instinct in mating, the fall is the time to shack up with someone and have great sex.

Relationships are more popular

You may not remember, but, towards the beginning of the summer, we talked about a new dating trend called freckling — which, per the Independent, is the act of “casually getting involved with someone over the long, lazy days and light, balmy evenings of the summer months, only to drop them come autumn, when the coats come back out and the freckles disappear again.” Well, with fall officially here now, that’s not something guys or girls need to worry too much about.

Whether it’s the additional cuddle time, the thought of cuffing season and/or the increased libido, your sex life during the fall might be better because it’s prime relationship season. According to seasonal patterns on social media, autumn is when most people change their status to being “In a Relationship” or “Engaged,” versus the spring or summer where more breakups tend to occur. With so much love in the air comes a positive sex life, too.

You’re in prime cuffing season

We’ve talked before about what cuffing season is and how to approach it, but it’s true that more sex can happen during this time of year than any other time because of it. Well, at least researchers at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology claim for that to be the case, as they discovered that, the colder the weather, the more likely guys and girls are to cuddle up and provide a little extra warmth for one another. That warmth provides a natural connection, making people more emotionally comfortable and generous — which, in some cases, can lead to some very hot sex.