The seasons have officially changed, going from summer to fall. Instead of getting down in the dumps about swapping out swimsuits for light sweaters, though, be excited about what’s upon us: cuffing season! That’s right, gents, it’s the best time of year to be single, with guys and girls on the hunt to find a cuddle buddy for these colder months.

But before you head over to the deep end and jump into the cuffing season pool, it’s important to know what in the hell you’re doing first, because, like all things dating, there are some tricks to the trade. But, don’t worry, we’re here to help you out.

Since we want to se you succeed and keep your dating options open during this soon-to-be cuffing season, make sure you follow these dating tips, which will help you stay open-minded, keep things casual and, just maybe, find the person who’s right for you to regularly shack up with this fall and winter. We know, we’re just so damn nice to you.

Put yourself out there

The first rule of cuffing season? Don’t sit around by yourself and not actually partake in it. Yes, guys, you’re probably going to be a little bit uncomfortable approaching girls at bars, coffee shops or grocery stores, among other places, but, guess what, that’s where they want you to talk to them! Summer is the time for everyone to be outside, stay active and spend time in big groups. Cuffing season is the time that nearly every single girl is looking for some guy(s) to regularly hangout with, so don’t ignore that opportunity.

Don’t just Netflix and chill

Sorry, dudes, but asking a girl to come over and Netflix and chill is as basic a move as possible. In fact, some girls may surrender to doing it, but, really, are those the ones you want to be hanging out with? Probably not. Sure, the fall and winter mean sweatpants and lazy days, but that shouldn’t apply to your dating life, so make sure you stay creative, clean up, get yourself out of the house and plan an actual date for the first few times you hangout. After that, if things go well, Netflix and chill all you want.

Keep things casual AF

Remember how we mentioned above that girls are on the look out for a guy, or guys, to casually hangout with now that it’s cuffing season? Yeah, that means they aren’t just ready to jump into a relationship. Sure, some girls want to settle down, but cuffing season is more about seeing what’s out there and having fun. Rather than put too much pressure on things, keep things casual with dates at places like bowling alleys, happy hours and movie theaters. These are good spots to be doing something outside of your house.

Don’t spend a fortune on dates

Speaking of date options, for the love of your bank account, do yourself a favor and make sure you’re not trying too hard to impress a girl with a fancy dinner. While dropping $150 on a nice night out might happen down the road, cuffing season activities should be things that get you out of the house — without costing a fortune. If you’re single and on the prowl, the last thing you need is to break the bank on your personal budget every week.

Consider dating apps

OK, so you’re shy and don’t quite have the energy to get out of the house to meet people, that’s cool. If you’re a lazy dater and bored AF in your house all alone, waste time by swiping on online dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, etc. Even if you’re not meeting up with the girls, you (and her), may be satisfying your needs by having conversation without ever actually leaving the couch. Hey, sometimes, this is all we need to have a good cuffing season.

Never settle for the first person that gives attention

Tread lightly, young one, for diving into a relationship is never a wise move. It’s the early stages of cuffing season, so why not enjoy some time going on dates and meeting new people? Even if a relationship is your target, get some casual dating fun out of your system first. Just because you matched with a cute girl who’s into you on a dating app, or took the first girl out that you met at a bar, doesn’t mean you need to settle for her. Live it up, for it’s the best dating season of the year!