It’s that time of year where we all seem to hibernate and find ourselves doing nothing but Netflix and chilling, swiping away on online dating apps and, generally speaking, being as bored as possible. That may sound like a good break from the craziness of the summer, when you were outdoors and busy all day and night, but, for some, it sounds like torture.

For those who fall into the latter category, it might be a good time to find some hobbies that can help you find some fulfillment that you wouldn’t otherwise have. From joining an indoor soccer league, to taking an online class to sharpen your job skills, to starting a club with friends and coworkers that helps break up the work week, it’s your time to do something you enjoy.

That said, it’s not easy finding hobbies that pique your interest all the time. That’s where we’re here to help, giving you a list of manly activities that can help you survive the winter and, hopefully, lead you to meeting new people and, maybe, a future girlfriend.

Running club

Even if you’re not a frequent runner, joining a running club for a hobby is a good way to stay in shape and meet some new people. They usually have various routes around town, too, which means you get to see different parts of your city that you might not usually visit.


You don’t need to be an expert hiker with all the expensive gear to have fun. Sure, some people are willing to camp in the woods and get out of the city, but if you’ve got some trails around your town, get out there in nature and take in some fresh air every once in a while. It’s a nice change of pace from the craziness in the city.

Cooking classes

If you want to learn how to make something other than frozen pizzas or grilled chicken, go ahead and try your hand at cooking classes. It’s fun to do with a friend, and, you know, there’s probably a good chance you’ll meet girls in there, too. Plus, you’ll become skilled in something that’s pretty important; cooking.

Bowling league

We probably sound like your grandpa right now, but a bowling league is a fun way to survive the winter and still feel productive. Seriously, how many times do you go bowling and walk away saying you wish you did it more often? If you’re like us, probably every single time. Well, now’s your chance to do it regularly.

Skiing or snowboarding

It’s a bit more expensive than some of the other hobbies on this list, but when you live in an area with snow, hitting the slopes to go skiing or snowboarding is always fun. Even if you don’t have all the equipment to go regularly, you can rent everything to get out there a few times during the season.


Much like bowling, heading down to your local pool hall this winter to play a little bit is definitely encouraged. Not only is it social and gets you out of the house and away from your TV, but it’s super cheap for a few hours of activity, meaning you won’t feel guilty about doing it a couple times each week.


We’re not talking about getting into the ring and swinging at someone random, but, instead, going to a boxing gym and learning some of the techniques of boxing. It involves conditioning, endurance and strength building, so this is a cool hobby that’s physically good for you, too.

Wine making

It’s a long process that takes months to fully see the fruits of our labor, but wine making is one of those grown up hobbies that can be fun to do. All you need to do is find a vineyard and/or a club that does it together and, boom, by summertime you’ll have your own, homemade wine to sip on with friends. That’s pretty cool.


C’mon, of course we’re going to add fishing to this list of hobbies every guy should try out. It’s one of those old faithful hobbies that boys and their dads have been doing for centuries, so don’t be afraid to get out on the water and catch and release some fish every once in a while.


Mentoring might not be something you think about doing often, but, believe it or not, there are groups out there where guys can lend their skills and advice to others to help them get ahead in their own careers. Not only will you feel good about yourself, but it’s a chance to network with other professionals, too, which may help you get new ideas or job opportunities.


Similar to mentoring, volunteering is a great hobby to do to fulfill some good deed. It’s a chance to do something you enjoy and help other people, so don’t be afraid to look at clubs or organizations that you’re passionate about that you can lend a hand with.


We’re not talking about taking Instagram pics on your phone and posting them to social media, guys. Put the phone down and get yourself a professional camera like a digital SLR and snap away. Better yet, once you get really good, you can print your pics out and hang them in your apartment, cutting down on costs to decorate your place and making you feel proud about the artwork on the walls.