The key to feeling better about yourself and improving your social life is simply: confidence. People tend to think it is something you’re born with, but it’s not necessarily true. You can have a naturally more confident personality, or you can be shy and introvert. But there is no fatality, even if you consider yourself socially awkward, there are simple things you can do to boost your confidence.

SportPhysical exercise

Your lack of confidence can come from the way you feel about your body. You can be overweight or too skinny, which can lead to complexes. If the way you feel about your appearance doesn’t satisfy you, how can you expect it satisfies people around you, especially ladies?

Being proud of your body sends a very strong, confident vibe to every people you meet. Even if you just started your training program, the release of dopamine will make you feel better right away. This positive feeling makes you shine and motivates you to pursue your goal.

Man in suitReview your wardrobe

On a similar topic, improving appearance can be easily done by improving the way you dress. Not only because it simply makes you look better, but makes you also feel better about yourself. Don’t try too hard though. Aim for a classic, sharp style but nothing extravagant. You don’t want to build your confidence on top hats, walking sticks, monocles and other tail coats. Stay simple, elegant and plain.

Do not hesitate to ask for advice. A female friend would be the ideal help for aesthetic choices. However, even if she swears that shirt does look amazing on you but you do not like it, don’t wear it. Don’t say amen to everything she says just because she’s a woman. You must feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.

Expand your skill set

Learning something new can not only be useful but also fun. It can get you to meet new people who are participating in the same course as you. A new skill in a new environment will have your brain opened towards new possibilities. Not only will you feel better about yourself about knowing how to do something new and useful; you’ll find out that that one first step leads further to other interesting places.

Have discipline

Morning routine (exercice, dog walking, breakfast….). Respect deadlines, be on time. Be reliable; if others find you reliable, you will automatically feel yourself more confident as well. As motivation won’t be always on your side, build up discipline to stay on the path towards self-improvement.

Respect your body

The Ancient Greeks did not separate the body from the mind. Knowing this, every mental disorder should have root in a bodily disorder. The word depression comes from the Greek for melancholia, “Mela” meaning black, as the humor’s colour that would be predominant. Therefore, the ancient Greek doctors would recommend a diet to repel that black humor by eating “light” food such as chicken, fish, light cheese, white raisins…

They say the stomach is the second brain and that the intestine is the third. Having a light and healthy diet won’t necessarily improve your self confidence by itself, but it will prevent your digestion from getting in the way.