Cheating sucks no matter how you spin it, but, as someone who has dealt with an ex-girlfriend who was emotionally cheating over physically cheating, I can tell you that it’s (arguably) even harder to get over. You may argue, but, when it comes to emotionally cheating, the mind goes to a wild place, replaying times she said one thing but was doing another, among other things.

For those unfamiliar with the differences between emotional cheating and physical cheating, we’re here to break things down for you. After all, again, we’ve had to deal with the former before, and it is extremely difficult to trust the next girl(s) you date after something like that happens to you. That’s OK — we think? — but, for those who are wondering what the differences between the two cheating types are, here you go.

What’s The Difference Between Emotional And Physical Cheating?

Simply put, physical cheating is the act of a partner running off and engaging in some sort of sexual conduct. Of course, there are flirting texts and shady meet ups prior to getting to that point, but it usually ends with some sort of sex.

In contrast, emotional cheating can be much more heavy on the person getting cheated on, as I can attest to. With a girlfriend texting, sending Snapchats or personal messages to other guys, it’s flirting without ever leading to anything physical. For instance, she may send you a dirty pic on Snapchat, but, don’t be fooled, because she may have sent it to another guy(s) as well. Or, on a lesser degree, after connecting with an old boyfriend on Facebook, the two may talk about the current relationships they’re in, forming an emotional bond together that should be between the two of you.

What Are The Dangers Of Emotional Cheating?

As someone who has, unfortunately, had to live through one of these relationships, we can tell you that the damage of emotional cheating is huge.

For instance, it can lead to being guarded and untrustworthy when it comes to future partners. A prime example of this is when a new girl happens to use her phone all the time or constantly posts things to her social media accounts for a reaction. That type of behavior can trigger bad memories.

Likewise, when another person is getting more attention than you are from your girlfriend, that’s when things can become problematic. An example of this is when a girlfriend seems to accept people talking bad about you or lending more support for others rather than you and your relationship.

Friends outside of a relationship are normal. But emotional cheating occurs when one (or both) partners become more attached to other people and not stand up for their relationship.

Emotional Cheating Can Lead To Physical Cheating

This probably isn’t too surprising, but we had to list it anyway. Yep, because cheating happens — and it’s disgusting when it does — when someone gets into an emotional cheating routine, it can lead to a more physical relationship with that person, too.

When your girlfriend is planning things with people without you being invited, that’s her way of building bonds without you. Be cautious of how frequently she’s doing this, because, before you know it, she may form a relationship with someone else who gives her something you can’t, which can lead to a physical attraction rather than a shoulder to cry on to vent about you.


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