For guys, just giving your girl one orgasm can be tricky, so the thought of multiple orgasms can be daunting as hell, making many dudes wonder how it might be possible. Well, it 100 percent is, and we have some tips from science that can help make sure your lady gets her mind blown more than just once — so pay close attention.

Obviously, the main objective of sex is to get the girl off. For all you out there who think otherwise, shame on you. Look, guys will ejaculate about 99.9 percent of the time during sex, so it’s a given that we’ll leave satisfied. But if you really want to make a girl fall for you, it’s important to take care of her needs and leave her with one, if not multiple, orgasms.

And, as we mentioned above, because many guys get scared at the thought of trying to give a girl multiple orgasms, we present to you some research that could come in handy.

For instance, OMGYes, The Kinsey Institute, and Indiana University have tackled this topic for us, going out there to figure out exactly what it takes to give a girl multiple orgasms.

After conducting in-depth interviews with 1,000 women and surveying an additional 1,055 ladies, OMGYes compiled a how-to guide on giving multiple orgasms, as well as techniques from girls that revealed exactly what did and didn’t work. So, what did ladies say? Read on, per Cosmopolitan.

“Of the 47 percent of women who reported being able to have multiple orgasms at all, a little more than half (53 percent) said they couldn’t stand any pressure or touching on their clits right after orgasm no. 1, even if they typically find it easier to come from clit stimulation in general.”

Basically, after a girl has gotten off once, do not touch her clit again, as it seems to be the spot that needs a little bit of rest before moving forward with more sex. That said, Lydia Daniller — one of the co-founders of OMGYes — offered up some other tips.

“Something we heard again and again was that if you treat your body after that first orgasm like a whole new body, you can have multiples.”

That’s right, guys, it’s important to act as if you and your girl haven’t already gotten down and dirty, and make sure you touch other parts of her body by, basically, resetting things. So rub her nipples, kiss her neck and lightly touch her in other prime spots to get her mind racing. One participant in the study, Sidney, is even here to offer some helpful tips to focus on instead of just rubbing her clit.

“Study participant, Sidney, describes how she comes after her first orgasm thusly: “One of the greatest things that I learned from an old lover of mine is to squeeze the lips and then move them, and I could achieve a second orgasm really quickly, and I could keep doing that with the squeezing of the lips a number of times.”

The study also went on to say that women who talk about what feels good to them are more likely to accomplish multiple orgasms, so remember to ask her if she likes something without coming across as insecure. Talking to her while getting it on is critical regardless, but it becomes more important when you’re looking to get her off.

(H/T Cosmopolitan)