I got loads of feedback yesterday from my Tinder experience post, and a lot of people asked for tips on how to make a good profile. For today’s blogpost here are my tips and advice on how to create a successful Tinder profile! Like all dating websites and apps, there seems to be way more men than women. Men also seem to be the ones that have to start the conversation, and push to get a date. Online dating is strange in the sense that sometimes you can talk back and forth with someone a lot, but never meet and then the contact dies out. I’ve come up with a few pointers that will help you get noticed as well as help improve chances of getting that date!


A good profile is key to attracting a girls attention on Tinder

Tinder works by people liking you or not liking you, and mutual likes will gain messaging abilities. That means the first step is getting someone to like you! I think the most important thing here is your profile photos. There’s options to put one or more photos on. I personally don’t give anyone without photos a like. So even one photo will improve your chances! Photos are taken from your facebook account, although I think most people create a brand new facebook account just to make a Tinder profile. The advice I give here works for all profile photos though, like okcupid or match.com

If you like the photos you already have, then good, use them! However here some points to look out for.

  • The first photo should clearly show your face. Don’t go too close though, so your head shouldn’t take up the entire photo. Think you should be far away enough that you can see shoulders. Don’t go too far though, because you want people to concentrate on your face.
  • Facing directly towards the camera, so almost mugshot like, works ok. However it’s best to look relaxed, like you’re not posing for the photo. Complete side shots also don’t work well because when you’re with someone you don’t spend your time looking away. You can always try out angles in the mirror, to find a good angle to have your face facing. I’d say maybe 15 to 25 degrees left of right often gives good images that shows your facial structure. But you should know how to take a photo that looks best from you.
  • Try not to take a photo from an elevated angle. Girls do this a lot, but for guys, it’s best to be at eye level. Very few people look good from a lower angle too.
  • I think a good number of photos to have would be between 3-5. Enough to show you in different situations, but not to many that the person gets bored looking at you. Plus you want to stay a little mysterious!
  • One of the photos should show more of your body. And i don’t mean naked! A full body picture is good. Make sure you’re wearing nice clothes, maybe a photo of that time you were in a suit at a wedding! T-shirt and jeans are fine too, but don’t put photos that might make you appear to be a slob!
  • I’ve noticed a lot of people have photos of them from doing activities they like, such as a race they ran or climbing a mountain. These are fun, it shows you’re active. If you haven’t done things like that, a photo that shows one of your interests, maybe you’re playing an instrument, or you’re doing standup comedy? A photo that gives information about your personality via hobby or even just showing a goofy face.
  • Photos I’ve disliked include; extreme close ups where parts of the face are hidden, dick pics, pictures of cartoon characters (unless it’s a character of yourself) or the logo of your favourite sports team, pictures that have you but also a whole bunch of other people. One or two friends on a night out can be ok, but I personally prefer pictures of just you. It’s YOUR profile after all!

Choosing the right words

You’re allowed to have a description, which again is normally taken from your facebook profile. You can edit this from the app.

  • The most common things I’ve found is everyone giving their height measurements. Why? Tinder is so based on looks and height is just another factor in that. Girls on the other hand never seem to give their heights, weird isn’t it?
  • A short description of yourself is best. Short and sweet. People have short attention spans, and so leave long romantic verses for other dating sites. Maybe mention where you’re from, and some points on your personality.
  • Some guys mention what they’re looking for in a girl, but I don’t find that important and would advise against putting that on.
  • A lot of people also seem to put jokes in there, as a demonstration of their humour I guess. I’d leave this out of your description, but save it for later…!!

Smooth talking

  • Start by saying hello or hi or hey. And then some more stuff. Don’t just leave a single word, it doesn’t attract any sort of response in my opinion!
  • After the hey, maybe compliment them on one of their features. Keep it simple and try not to be creepy, or come across as gay. It’s a fine balance. Examples include “Hey, I saw your picture and couldn’t help noticing you have [the sweetest looking eyes] [really great lips] [amazing smile]”  or “Hi, wow, you’re stunning. I love the way [your hair falls over your face like that, really sexy] or [your lips look in that second picture, very kissable]” as you can see, the latter compliments are a little more daring and cheeky. Use your own judgement though.
  • Don’t compliment things like, “DAYUMM GURRLL, I wanna smack dat ass.” or “Bitch, you is so fine, I’m gonna call my mom and tell her I found the one.” – But seriously, try not to be overly sexual or desperate/clingy.
  • After contact, if they reply, success! If not, I’d say just leave it and find the next match. Don’t bombard the person with tons of messages.
  • Now it’s time to bust out that joke you saved from earlier. Show your sense of humour! Jokes relax people and you come across as less predatory.
  • Now I’d say try and get those drinks in. That is, texting back and forth can come later. Ask the person if they want to meet up for drinks, or a movie or whatever. You can swap phone numbers and text each other after that!


So those are my basic tips on how to make a successful tinder profile. However there are exceptions to everything, and maybe all you want to do really is just hook up with someone. For those occasions, I’d say put topless photos of yourself, and start by telling it straight. No point beating around the bush (unless it’s foreplay)

Good luck guys! Also, if you want to read some funny tinder things, check out reddit’s Tinder subreddit, very funny!