Sexual fetishes are like birth certificates; we’ve all got them, but rarely ever talk about them. However, when you find yourself dating a girl that you trust and want to live out some of those fantasies, it’s a slippery slope when it comes to mentioning what sexual fetish you really want to live out. 

That’s because, naturally, you’re probably worried about her reaction. After all, some girls cringe at the first mention of anal, and, if that’s what you’re really into, bringing that up could instantly turn your girl off and make her insecure about a lot of things. In some cases, anal is just being tame, as other people find that their sexual fetishes are much more extreme — like taking part in an orgy or watching another guy bang his girl. Hey, to each his own, but people need to be careful with how much they’re revealing when it comes to this sort of stuff.

Well, thanks to the adult site YouPorn, you can now figure out exactly what your girl might be into. Yep, you read that right, guys. The porn site has developed a new app called the Couple’s Chemistry Quiz, which is a questionnaire for couples to reply to, ultimately, unveiling their sexual fetishes and helping people discover which sexual fetishes they might share.

To better understand YouPorn’s mission behind the Couple’s Chemistry Quiz, here’s what Charlie Hughes, Vice President of YouPorn, said in a statement, via Men’s Health:

“For many partnerships, communicating secret desires with one another can be intimidating, so we created this quiz to make the conversation easy, entertaining and efficient. It eliminates the awkward uncertainties and gets right to the point of what you and your partner are interested in trying.”

Seeing how it works is even easier than convincing your girl to even take the quiz in the first place. Basically, the two of you both head to the app or website, fill out the quick survey of things you’ve tried or wanted to try, and, boom, the app shows the results — which reveals just how much of a freak your girl is (or, sadly, isn’t) in the sack.

According to a separate Men’s Health article, exploring these sexual fetishes are at an all-time high. In a study with 2,000 U.S. citizens, one in four say that they’re looking to try a sex act that they’ve fantasized about at some point in their lives, with anal sex, role play and BDSM among the most popular sexual fetishes that respondents wanted to try.

So, although you may think that your mind is way too dirty for your girlfriend or wife, with the help of this new YouPorn quiz, you may find out that your sexual fetishes are tame compared to what she really wants to do. It’s all about openly communicating it, consenting to some of the wild things and, of course, having fun doing it all.

In case you find out you’re both into spanking, this is how you can start exploring this fun activity. 

(H/T Men’s Health)