Figuring out how to ask a girl out can be as difficult as trying to remember long division. Honestly, no matter who you are or how much previous success you’ve had with dating, approaching a stranger at the bar or coffee shop or in a park is intimidating, knowing all too well that the fear of rejection is real.

Still, regardless of how you ask a girl out — by sliding into DMs on social media, through online dating apps or in public — we’ve got some dating tips to give you the confidence you need to help calm your nerves and go make it happen. After all, before walking up and asking a girl out, she’ll need to see you confident, otherwise you stand no chance at all.

So, what’s the best way on how to ask a girl out? Keep on reading and see why you’ll be getting more “yes'” than you ever have before.

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Do some recon work on social media

We know that it might seem a bit creepy going through a girl’s social media accounts to see if she’s single or not, but, if you’re doing it alone from your couch at night without anyone around, is it really that bad? After all, girls do it, too, so you shouldn’t feel weird about seeing the types of things she posts — and if it appears that she’s either single or taken. Don’t necessarily like or reach out just yet, but get an idea of where she stands in terms of dating.

Don’t stumble over your own thoughts

Want to know one of the worst things about being a human being? Over-thinking. As beautiful as the mind can be, when it gets jumbled with thoughts prior to an event happening — like predicting what a girl might say if you ask her out — you’re already doomed before even introducing yourself. Sure, it’s difficult to let yourself go and put yourself out there for her, but, if you really want to ask a girl out, going in confident with a clear mind is the first step at being successful.

Scan the scene to set yourself up for success

Yep, the atmosphere can absolutely determine how to ask a girl out. Think about it, when you’re in a loud club that’s pumping EDM music, it probably isn’t the right time to try and have a real conversation with a girl. Sure, you might try and be smooth and all, but that’s not the time to ask her out. Likewise, it’s hard enough to talk to one girl, so unless you get a pit in your stomach and absolutely cannot leave a place without meeting her, it’s best to avoid packs of girls. Kudos to you if you can do it, though.

Don’t be afraid of rejection

Play with house money, guys. That’s the mentality you must have when you go up and talk to a girl. Will she say yes? Maybe. But, if you go into it with confidence and a game plan about what to ask her, you’ll be fine. And, hey, if she says she’s uninterested or is seeing someone, play it cool by simply smiling with the words, “hey, no problem, have a great rest of the night.” The last thing you want to do is pester her into giving you a reason why she’s rejecting you. That’s unattractive and proves why she’s not interested in the first place.

Look your best

You wouldn’t go into a job interview without dressing up, would you? Along the same lines, it’s crucial to make sure you look your best before you go up and ask out a girl. That doesn’t mean you need to be wearing a suit and tie, but it does mean that her first impression of you is your best self. Let’s face it, physical attraction is the first thing people notice, and you’ll want to be put together before approaching her. Oh, and this also includes alcohol; if you’re hammered before talking to her, don’t. She doesn’t want a sloppy guy. Science says it’s really easy to look attractive.