Sliding into DMs on social media appears to be the latest trend for guys to (hopefully) get the attention of girls they’re interested in. Of course, that doesn’t always happen, but, hey, shooters gotta shoot, and it’s worth trying if it gets your face in front of her.

Still, like all things dating, there are certainly rules on how to slide into DMs without coming across too aggressive, too desperate or, worse, way too creepy. Since we want to see you succeed in getting that girl, here are the ways to slide into her DMs and actually get a reply — because what good is it if she sees it but doesn’t answer back?

Keep your willy hidden

Yep, first rule of when sliding into DMs is to keep those dick pics to yourself, guys. C’mon, why on earth would you go in so aggressive and freak the girl out by seeing you pantsless before the two of you have even introduced yourselves to one another? Sure, it may seem like she’s putting out vibes from pictures and videos she posts, but don’t be a fool, she’s not just hungry for any cock she can get. Wait until she asks for it down the line, then give it to her.

Comment and like

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to try and get some sort of engagement or reaction from her, so don’t be afraid to follow her on Instagram, and, before sliding into DMs, starting more subtly with a like and/or comment on one of her posts. This is sort of like smiling at her from across the bar, giving her enough attention to let her know you’re interested without coming on too strong with a full message. You may just get lost in the fray of other likes/comments, but play it cool and make sure you’re not overdoing it.

Do some research

Girls want to feel wanted, you should know that by now. And, while she might be getting hit on left and right by every dude on the planet, don’t fall victim to being one in the crowd. That’s why you’ve got to separate yourself by doing a little recon work to figure out what she’s really interested in. If she’s posting a bunch of foodie pics, comment on one of them with a simple, “so, where’s your favorite brunch spot in town?” Or, if she’s down at the beach a lot, simply say something along the lines of, “by far the best sunsets in town.” It may seem weird, but, over time, she’ll notice you’re engaged with her page — which could lead to a reply back in due time.

Use humor

What’s the one thing all girls say they like? Humor! You may be nervous about what to say and making sure it’s “perfect,” but, guess what, nothing in life is ever perfect, so be yourself and make her laugh a little bit. As we mentioned above, just being one in the crowd won’t help you stand out, so drop a lame dad joke on her to get her attention.

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