I’ve had great experiences with Tinder dating in the past, and decided to check out the online dating climate in LA. Joining me is local Budapest Tinder Expert, Tinder Tommie. Let me tell you now, the results between men vs women was completely different.

I always believe the key to being successful on Tinder is to have attractive photos and a punchy description. This is based on my own profile photo selection, and my experiences with other people’s profiles.

I set up my account, added a range of photos and my bio reads as “British Asian Basic Bitch – I like to take photos of my food, using hashtags in normal conversation and calling everyone bae.”

It seems like a fun, witty, short bio. Exactly the sort of thing I would appreciate finding on Tinder. I found great success instantly, clearly I’m more popular in Los Angeles than I am in Europe. After quite a few matches and super likes, I decided to check out how Tommie was doing.

Boy, do guys get it tough. In the time I managed to get 20 matches, Tommie got zero. Which isn’t to say we’re very different on levels of attractiveness.

Tommie decided to cheat and download an app called Flame that has an autolike function. At the touch of a button he can leave his phone to swipe right on every profile in LA. He said, “This really is destroying my self confidence. Let’s get some matches the easy way.”

500 likes later and he gets his first like, a 33 year old latina with the body of a yoga instructor and a less appealing face. But he’s finally off the mark.

The only real difference between us is that I’m a young asian girl, and he’s a normal white guy. I honestly didn’t think our success rates would be so far apart.

Tinder Social

We joined up to form a “Tinder Social” group, which means you and your friends can look for other groups to hang out with. Most social groups on the app seemed to consist of guys, and we wanted to find a group with guys and girls.

We matched with a few, but no plans were really made. That said our first message was “we’re not swingers! And we’re not a couple!” That may have put them off.

There was one group made up of 19 year olds who just wanted someone to buy them beer. One group looked promising – an actress and her friend – and we told them we would go to Santa Monica beach and try out some bars, and that they were free to join us for drinks.

We ended up going to Umami Burger just the two of us, in the hopes that by the time we finished other people would be ready to go out.

Pub social

On the way to the beach, I desperately needed the loo. We popped into an English themed pub. Not wanting to use the toilets for free, we also order one drink each. The pub is lovely though, and that’s just not my English spirit saying that. One drink turned into a few drinks, as we decided to wait there for tinder matches.

The pub also has a fantastic burlesque show every Monday night. Drinks and hot girls dancing is a fantastic way to spend your Monday evening in my opinion. Our Tinder Social group never showed up in the end. Tommie never got more than 4 matches out of over 1000 women he “liked” and he didn’t want to message any of them.

I finished the night with 26 super likes, and even a few potential dates for this week. It seems that Tinder is a girl’s game. What dating app is for guys then? Well we’re going to find out this week!