Let’s face it, while getting oral sex from a girl, as a man, it always feels a little bit better when she swallows your cum to finish the job. That said, not every girl does it, which can lead to some insecurity on the guy’s part, making him wonder if it’s something wrong with him — or worse, the smell/taste of your semen.

We’re not kidding, either, as there’s a whole psychology behind why guys prefer girls who swallow after giving a blow job. But, really, is it the end of the world if she doesn’t? Of course not, but, for some guys, it’s a real slap in the face, making him feel a bit inferior — even though the girl’s the one who just gave him some oral sex.

This led us to wonder why girls don’t swallow — which, admittedly, is a case-by-case scenario, with different ladies having different reasons for not doing it. More important, though, it got us thinking about what her refusal to swallow really means, which is something you might want to know about.

It has nothing to do with you

We’re guys, so we think that everything is about us. Truth be told, it’s not, so get that insecurity out of your mind — especially when it comes to sexual activity. Sure, there are plenty of reasons why a girl might not swallow during oral sex, and one of the simplest explanations is that she just isn’t feeling it. Maybe it’s a boatload of cum and she’s a bit overwhelmed, or maybe she’s just insecure about kissing you afterwards. Whatever the reason, it may have nothing to do with you at all.

She’s saving it for a special moment

Many guys refuse to give oral sex to a girl until they’ve established some sort of boundaries — which, basically, means they aren’t just casually hooking up with other people. Along the same lines, girls might be doing the same thing, refusing to swallow until you make somewhat of a commitment to her. That can be something as simple as a few dates and not just a one-night stand, to making things official with a relationship.

It grosses her out

Cum is gross, guys, so maybe, deep down, she just really gags at the thought of having a sticky, chalky bodily fluid in her mouth and down her throat. That’s about as simple as it gets, so, no matter how much you want her to swallow, she may never get over the taste. Swallowing cum may be something you think is normal for a girl to do, but, like anal sex, it’s not something for everyone.

She’s really just not that into you

When all is said and done, OK, maybe it really does have to do with you. She may like you physically and think that you’re charming AF, but, in the end, she just sees you as a temporary hook-up. That’s fine, as long as you both establish that, so don’t feel bad if she decides to spit and rinse after oral sex, because she’s just trying to please you and not make the sacrifice of swallowing.