When you think about all-time sex symbols, the name Marilyn Monroe might just be the very first person you think about. And, as you might imagine, there’s a good reason why that’s the case — because she epitomized empowerment, confidence and sex appeal during her lifetime.

Even after her death in 1962, Marilyn Monroe has still maintained her image as the model of sexiness. And, because that’s the case, when her name pops into the news — even today — she garners lots of attention.

That’s why, after hearing that a long-lost nude scene that the former actress did while filming the movie The Misfits in 1961, we immediately did some recon work to get more details. Mainly, we wanted to know what it meant and, more so, if the scene would ever be released.

For a little bit of reference, when The Misfits was first released, nude scenes by actresses were unheard of, especially from someone with the stature of Marilyn Monroe. Unfortunately for us, when the final cut was edited, the film’s director, John Huston left the footage out. What a shame, right?

Not until recently has the news of Monroe’s nude scene been uncovered, though, with a man named Charles Casillo — who authored the book Marilyn Monroe: The Private Life of a Public Icon — allegedly the one who found the scene, which has been locked in a cabinet for decades. Yes, that’s how rare a nude scene of Marilyn Monroe is, guys, it’s basically on government lockdown.

So, what did the nude scene look like? According to a Deadline article, here’s how Casilo described it.

In a love scene with Clark Gable, Monroe dropped the covering bed-sheet and exposed her body. It would have been one of the first – if not the first – nude scenes by an American actress in a major production in the sound era of film if it had made it into the final version.

Unfortunately, the scene was dropped by the aforementioned director, Huston, because he didn’t think it was necessary to the film’s plot. While that makes sense artistically, man are we bummed it was cut.

Now the question becomes simple: will the video of Marilyn Monroe nude in The Misfits resurface? According to Casilo in the Deadline article, there’s still a chance, saying that the producer of the film, Frank Taylor, has his son making the decision whether or not it’s ever made public.

While the Internet is a beautiful thing and we can see hundreds of girls naked with a quick Google search, there’s something to be said about seeing Marilyn Monroe naked. Only time will tell if public eyes will ever see it, so we hope this whole report isn’t just a big tease.

(H/T USA Today)