Knowing how to compliment a girl isn’t as easy as most guys think. Sure, it’s simple to think about something you want to say to her, but that’s different from actually approaching her and confidently saying it. After all, saying to your buddies how sexy a girl looks sexy in a dress is expected, but doing it in front of her face is a different animal. This is why we decided to write about compliments for girls that will actually work. 

For some reason, guys think that complimenting a girl can come across as too direct or aggressive. Those same guys are probably the ones who have no clue what they’re doing, which is why we’re here to help you out and make your flirting just a little bit better.

Whether you’re sliding into her DMs on social media, trying to start an icebreaker on an online dating app or approaching a stranger in a bar or coffee shop that you just can’t stop looking at, here’s how to compliment a girl in the most genuine of ways — which should lead to more dates and success with the ladies. Hey, don’t tell us we never did anything for you.

The most obvious type of compliments for girls – their appearance

This is the most obvious type of compliments for girls, because, let’s face it, it’s the one that we see the first. Thing is, most girls don’t want to be told how “hot” they are or anything like that, so make sure you know what you’re going to say prior to walking up and saying something to her.

For example, when complimenting a girl on her appearance, focus on one or two things that you actually find attractive about her, like her eyes or her smile. She knows that every girl has a butt and some boobs that you could, shallowly, talk about, but if you’re really trying to impress her, go with something that’s more meaningful and that will stick with her even as she ages and you’ll be well-received.

Knowing how to compliment a girl’s style

Similar to the above, when complimenting a girl on her style, you want to focus in on the details and not just say she “looks pretty” in some random dress she pulled out of her closet. This means you’re going to have to see how her hair looks, or what color her nails are painted, or what shoes she has on. These are all things that show you’re more interested than the basic dude who came with the obvious.

Oh, and when it comes to complimenting her style, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it and come with something a little off-beat. For example, if a girl’s wearing a Boston Red Sox hat, say something like, “hey, congrats on the World Series last year; are you from Boston?” That’s a perfect icebreaker without coming on too strong, and is sure to lead to some conversation. You see, compliments for girls don’t have to be hard.

Knowing how to compliment a girl’s sense of humor

Whether you’re dating this girl or just trying to talk to her, knowing how to compliment a girl’s sense of humor will help you score serious brownie points — because girl’s take the kind gesture as a sign that you’re having a good time with her.

Being genuine with your compliment about her sense of humor is crucial, though, because if you fake it, you can either be called out and/or regret it later when she becomes more comfortable with you and fires off jokes left and right. If a girl can make a guy laugh without resorting to the same old things other people do, that’s usually a very good sign, so make sure you hold onto that one.

Knowing how to compliment a girl’s talent

We all have different skills that we’re better at than others, so knowing how to compliment a girl’s talent is something that should be on your list of compliments for girls. After all, who the hell doesn’t enjoy someone else telling them they’re good at something — especially if that something is unique.

Whether her talent is painting, or singing, or dancing, or something that relates more to her career, when a guy compliments a girl, she’s going to take notice and feel special. Sure, anyone can say she’s good at those things, but coming from a guy who’s either a) dating her, or b) interested in her will go a long way in making her feel good and you more attractive in her eyes.