Thinking about throwing a sex party? Be prepared, because it’s going to take some serious work. In addition to finding other people willing to take part, like any event, once they show up to the orgy, they’ll want to have fun, so be prepared to get lots of toys and set the tone with some music.

A sex party might be one of the oldest (and most popular) sexual fantasies ever. It’s one of those things that, when there’s trust and communication, can be an enjoyable experience for a boyfriend and girlfriend to do together with another couple, or get a third person involved just for the hell of it. That said, it’s not easy to plan one.

Lucky for you, we’ve got some tips on how to properly throw a sex party, listing a few must-haves and must-knows in order to make it the most memorable sex you’ve ever had. Take note, guys.

Have an abundance of condoms

Safe sex at a sex party is the quintessential thing to remember. After all, with various people taking part in exchanging bodily fluids left and right, the last thing someone planning an orgy wants to forget is having condoms readily available in all different places. This includes places like the bedside, bathroom, and, well anywhere people might want to get down and dirty — which, at a sex party, is pretty much everywhere.

Invite a variety of people

We’re all sexual beasts who have kinky imaginations and fantasies, so don’t think that, just because some girl has a tattoo on her neck, she’s more likely to come to a sex party than a girl wearing a business suit. Go ahead and invite attorneys, teachers, construction workers and waitresses, the good mix of background in their professional life can lead to some kinky stuff while getting personal with one another.

Provide recent photos of those coming

You wouldn’t buy something without looking at it, right? We certainly hope not. Well, just like that car you’re interested in buying, you’re going to want updated pictures and info on it before handing over some money. A sex party is the exact same deal, with everyone invited providing an updated photo of themselves for other participants to see.

Provide lube and toys

Just like the condoms we mentioned above for safe sex, having lots of lube and sex toys for people to use should be obvious. Come on, guys, we’re talking about people who want their sexual fantasies to come to life, and, naturally, with so much sex going on, lube will be important to keep things moist. When it comes to toys, vibrators, anal plugs and whips will be your best friend, as they can all be used to help bring some extra fun to the sex party.

Don’t forget to hydrate

This might sound weird, but, given the amount of sex going on and heart rates pumping hardcore, water should never be forgotten about. For those who feel a little more fancy, go for something like Pedialyte popsicles, which can be used as an additional sex prop and be rubbed over different parts of bodies. This will help replenish any electrolytes lost with all the humping going on.