In the universe of recognizable sex symbols, there are few more prominent than a Playboy Bunny. Not only are women who don the outfit drop dead gorgeous, flirty and can break necks every time they walk into a room, but they also have bunny outfits on, so, you know, they’re hard to miss.

And, for those unfamiliar, The Playboy Club’s returning to New York City and is currently hiring, looking for the next match of Playboy Bunnies who can work a room and gram attention of men everywhere. Since we’re interested to know more about the life of a Playboy Bunny, we found a story on AskMen that documented a fellow writer’s audition to become one — which was originally published for The Independent. What was the experience like? Well, here’s a small snippet of what the writer, Emily Shugerman, had to go through.

I filled out my paperwork at a round, black table with about 10 other applicants. Most of them looked to be in their 20s or 30s, though it was hard to tell, as everyone was heavily made up. Some of the women were dressed for a formal job interview, while others had kept this particular job description in mind, opting for miniskirts and push-up bras.

One bleach-blonde woman with impressively large breasts said she had always been fascinated by the bunnies, and how glamorous they seemed. Another woman was a jewellery repair specialist who was looking for a change. Her current 9-5 made her feel like a robot, she said, and she wanted to do something more exciting. Pretty much all other applicants said they were just in it for the money. They’d all heard of the Playboy before, but none of them had ever dreamed of working there.

My interviewers seemed less interested in putting women on a pedestal than, as Bryce had put it, “elevating the guests”. They seemed especially interested in my job in Los Angeles, where I had briefly booked models for an event-planning company that exclusively hired hot people as waitstaff. The interviews wanted to know what our clientele was like, one man explained. At the Playboy club, I could expect to be “serving the one percent”. Apparently my experience with the one per cent was satisfactory, because when the man in the grey suit escorted me out, he pointed me not to the elevator, but to a room in the back. There, he said, I would “take a few pictures”.

I wiggled myself into the stockings, and then into the leotard, which I was told to hike up as far as I could. I thought briefly of the Bunny Stance, and suddenly realised why no one at the clubs was allowed to sit down.

Then I was thrust out into the stark sunlight of the back porch, where another attendant told me to strike a “Superwoman” pose for the camera. I stared at her like a deer caught in headlights, and dropped my arms to my sides.

“Don’t you know what Superwoman stands like?” the woman asked. Embarrassed, I rearranged my limbs into the familiar, hands-on-hips stance.

On my way out, I looked through the photos of myself crammed into the bunny uniform. I thought about how Playboy had gone from something your brother hid under his bed, to the kind of place your parents and boyfriend wouldn’t really care about you working.

While it’s not complete, juicy details like we all might think it might have been, it’s interesting to see the process of becoming a Playboy Bunny. The writer, Shugerman, went on to share some of the pictures with her mom, and wrote about how far the Playboy brand has, seemingly, fallen from the ranks of great sexuality.

To see the full story, you can head on over to The Independent, which offers up the full play-by-play of Emily Shugerman’s quest to become a Playboy Bunny, and how some of the other candidates reacted to the American Idol-like audition.

(H/T AskMen)